1. F

    Underglow/Neons Mod

    Add underglow / neon as a customization option for all cars.
  2. CyrusTemple

    Cyrus Temple

    Cyrus Temple character model. This playa model works fully in cutscenes as well as gameplay, featuring full lip sync and animations. Special thank you to MrSaintsGodzilla21 for showing how this glitch was done. Includes: -The Cyrus Temple character model from the mission My Name is Cyrus Temple...
  3. R

    Mod request outfit and weapon

    Could someone add the ability to wear and equip the marshal outfit seen in the first mission and the minigun
  4. Bucker1256

    The Gommando

  5. Bucker1256

    Female Jogger

  6. Bucker1256


    So, now you can play as Bond... James Bond. Requires Thank You DLC. It's free, so you don't need to waste a cent for just a suit.
  7. Bucker1256

    Super Shaundi

    So i used the @BeautiDuwanger 's SR:TT Shaundi, changed her outfit to Super Shaundi outfit, and... that's how i done it. You need to install this mod:
  8. Bucker1256

    No body at all.

    A reference to the no body glitch video made by Flippy. The original "No body at all." was made by a guy called Wazzzaaapp. I made this thing by using the Cyrus Temple suit made by @KanbeiKS7 then removing his suit completely and then scaling every boss's proportions to 0, making him completely...
  9. Bucker1256

    Bucker1256 Characters - The Full Package

    Yes,that is my playa, considerably useless.
  10. N1ket

    How would I like to create "Saints Row: The Third - Extended Version" if I were a programmer.

    Cover System, Health Bar from Saints Row IV, Animations from Saints Row IV, Camera Mod from Saints Row IV (when u running without super-powers), high shaders, recolor the weapons how in the Saints Row IV, more hairstyles from Saints Row IV (I know there such this mod but for girl, I need for...
  11. AGuyNamedSteve

    Looking to learn how to make texture mods