1. Singa

    Younger Troy

    Have you ever thought to yourself, "Man, Troy somehow aged 30 years since the first game."? Well, I have, and that's why I made this mod to make him look somewhat younger than the base game. I have removed the wrinkles around his eyes and mouth, reduced his nasolabial folds, and added some...
  2. SpyFreakAR15

    Homies & NPCs Dark blue or black cop uniforms and Pale blue ultor guards

    Sorry if it looks like spamming, but the previous thread died fast. im trying to commission and even offer money to someone who can take the SR1 style cops reskin as a jumping point re-color the still-water PD to have dark blue NYPD/LAPD style uniforms (images for reference). as well as recolor...
  3. M

    Turkish Police Mod For Saints Row 2

    This Mod Changes Polices Clothes Blue To Black and Changes Police Car Logos To Turkish Police Car Logos...
  4. S

    Police Mod & Sandbox+ Mod

    I know that this bigger type of Mods will take some Time but come on, the Chasing Ai in this Game is definitely more realistic than in previous Games and makes a lot of fun + i think this Game meet all the requirements for making a Police Mod possible. So a Police Mod like LSPDFR would be...
  5. Elgato

    Homies & NPCs More police models?

    The base game has only 1 cop model which kinda feels lame af,Can anyone make a mod which adds more cop models? Or maybe use the existing models and make them wear police uniform would that be too difficult
  6. Punished Uncle Sludge

    Saints Row 1 style Law Enforcement/Always Bustable

    ==========[ Introduction ]========== Ever wonder why the Stilwater PD revamped their vehicles and uniforms over the span of five years? This mod is a collection of retextures and xtbl edits that attempt to make the cops in Stilwater a little more like their SR1 counterparts, within the...
  7. Qwerty Van Hallen

    Rattler, Stilleto, Lightning in Steelport traffic + 3 cop cars in use

    That simple mod add Rattler, Stilleto, Lightning in city traffic. Also Now Police Use 3 cars: Ferdelance(used in original game), Peacemaker, Gunslinger. Screenshots:
  8. Uncle Sludge

    Masako SWAT replaces normal SWAT v.1

    Introduction: Hey, its Old Uncle Sludge. And I'm here to introduce you to my very first and most likely last mod for Saints Row 3! This mod replaces the regular SWAT guy in vanilla with a retextured version of the Masako goon from SR4, giving SWAT a 90s tacticool look. How to install: Drag...
  9. nameONE

    Quieter police sirens?

    Could anyone please make it quiter?:)
  10. THPSX

    SR2 Police/Gang Sensitivity Notoriety Fill up Bar

    I love to see fill up bar, to Saints row 3 just as I saw it in Saints Row 3.5 from dev build I don't know why they remove the bar in the final game, so if people find a tweak table to restore the bar from SR2 just tell me. For saints row 4 the bar is different but don't show in notoriety level...
  11. D

    Could someone make a no police cheat?

    Could someone make a no police cheat?
  12. N

    How to make Troy Bradshaw from SR1?

    I want to make Troy Bradshaw from SR1, can someone give me the tutorial? I know I must go to image as designed.