1. pleasegofuk

    No Peds / No Traffic Mode?

    Any way to get all ambient peds / gangs and traffic to be turned off so it doesn't spawn? Trying to get a clean shot of an area and peds keep spawning in. Even if I kill them, throw them away, and walk 4 steps away, they appear again after I turn around. Any way to turn these stupid peds off...
  2. Elgato

    Homies & NPCs Randomized Peds

    As the title suggests can the peds be randomized with different clothing and stuff? Just like the way Npc behavior and spawn mod randomizes vehicles
  3. T

    Winter sounds

    Hi there, I just tried winter mod with snow and I like it. Is there anyone, or any possibility to remove rain sounds from the game, maybe replace it with winter sounds? Also the peds with winter clothes. Maybe snow foot steps as well. Thanks for the answer
  4. SkatefilterX-5

    Crazy Random Peds and Gang Control in Steelport

    You will see few peds are enemies, enemy biker and punks, and the construction worker, will kill you, that show's how bad is this city than Stilwater. Note: There are unknown enemies that walks strangely in the streets.