1. M

    CBBE & XP32 + better animations?

    Does anyone know if it's possible to change the overall body structure? Similar to Skyrim's popular CBBE mods? The body customization is so bad for the female end of the body slider. Butt is ugly, breasts look like man pecs grown through SARMS.. I think the nipples are 2D.. If we could get...
  2. Singa

    WORKSHOP Nude Shaundi Tattoo Fix

    This mod fixes the incorrect tattoo on the nude Shaundi model by giving her the correct one. This mod does neither give her nipples or other private parts, does not remove the blur from her model and does not make her model spawn. For those things you will need seperate mods from the adult...
  3. Huxley

    Character Customization ComradeJK's Anatomically Correct Female Textures

    About ComradeJK's Anatomically Correct Female Textures Can I have a version with the nipples where they are in the nipples cover bra?
  4. NarrowWatch

    Naked on the Ship

    I wanted a little mod that removes your clothing while you're in the ship, I think this is possible, since there is a mod that allows you to wear simulation clothing on the ship, so why not?
  5. Alex032691

    [SOLVED] GOTR: Nude Mod Not Activated

    So I've gone through all the options in the Gentlemen of the Row mod and have installed 100% correctly, and everyone of them are activated except for the nude mod for whatever reason as I'm still seeing the censored bar even though it says in the setup that I have it activated. Is there...
  6. pleasegofuk

    Gray skin on character...

    I don't mean black skin, but I'll get that if I try to use certain skin tones. But I keep getting grey skin on my character when I try to use body texture replacer mods. No idea what's causing it. And I tried to the option of changing Ambient Occlusion in Nvidia's Control panel, but AO and...
  7. P

    Nude Mod for All NPC's and Characters

    Is there a nude mod that applies to all NPC's and campaign characters? What about for Gat Out of Hell?