1. T

    Cmesh_pc / gmesh_pc converter.

    I have been looking for a while, but couldn't find a working converter. The point is to convert the mesh of some vehicles to fbx, obj or dae, anything. Character Mesh Viewer evidently only works with characters, and ninjaripper is finicky, complicated and it's results require a lot of model...
  2. Elgato

    Homies & NPCs More police models?

    The base game has only 1 cop model which kinda feels lame af,Can anyone make a mod which adds more cop models? Or maybe use the existing models and make them wear police uniform would that be too difficult
  3. 3rdStreetSaint 212

    Saints Row IV Jupiter Mining Corporation Mod

    I know people will immediately mention the need of an SDK, that's why I posted this in Off Topic instead of Mod Suggestions I've been rewatching Red Dwarf, and thought about the similarities between Red Dwarf and SRIV. If textures and models could be created of the ships and characters, then I...
  4. Aquanort

    Donnie In SR4

    It would be cool if someone replaced Matt Miller's model with Donnie's.
  5. NarrowWatch

    Upgrade weapons , but keep model from level one

    I want to have my weapons fully upgraded but don't want them to have their ridiculous max level models, such as 3 barreled shotgun...
  6. pleasegofuk

    Extracting models from the game?

    Hello, is there any way to export models from the game in a safe or proper manner? I'm trying to rip the Saints HQ / Saints Crib from SR2, currently I'm trying to use NinjaRipper, but I keep getting these horrible looking meshes that look like some kind of frankenstein'd mesh. Thanks
  7. R

    Don't suppose anybody has the Saint's Row 2 basemesh?

    I'm a fledgling modeller looking to learn some good topology and I really enjoyed SR2. Not sure I'm up to the task of diving into hex (a bit beyond me, I'm a modeller!) - but if somebody had it lying around as a .obj or something, I'd appreciate it! Thanks!
  8. Aquanort

    [Requested] Fun Shaundi Over SR3 Shaundi

  9. Singa

    Mascot Zombies

    Mascots, they're coarse, rough and irritating.... and they get everywhere. This mod replaces the zombies with animal mascots. They still use zombie animations and behave like them, it just changes how they look. This mod has been confirmed to work in the remaster, huge thanks to Rainzeros for...
  10. Singa

    Classic Tombstone

    This mod switches the Tombstone's model in Saints Row 2 to the model from Saints Row, which is used in cutscenes in Saints Row 2 and for the Orbital Launcher from Gentlemen of the Row. I made two files: One that simply makes the Tombstone look like in SR1 and another one which does the same...
  11. E

    Waluigi model import suit please use this model
  12. A

    Change Zombie Uprising protagonist to player character

    Is there a way to do this easily? I'd prefer it if I could use my own character in the minigame.
  13. Lupo Yutani

    Looking for model extraction (Commission)

    Hello, I didn't see anything about this in the search box, I read over the guidelines and I figured I'd cast my line out here. I was wondering if anyone has discovered a way to get the boss model, or rather a custom boss from SRIV? If so or not, I was hoping to find a person I could commission...
  14. Gabonza

    Marvel Cable Clothing (model ready)

    Hello! I was wondering if someone could use Cable's model from either Contest of Champions model download link Or Marvel Heroes Omega model download link (either the second one from top or even better the 90's one which is the...
  15. Captain Jax

    AR-40 and AR-50 Model Swap?

    I was wondering if you can model swap in Saints Row 2. If so, I would love a mod that swaps the AR-50 w/ Grenade Launcher to the AR-40 Xtnd. While keeping the AR-50's under barrel grenade attachment. I realize this would be close to impossible, seeing as how it would appear that the AR-50 and...