1. T

    Hair length slider

    One Mod-request that I would like to pitch is a hair expansion. I love the new hair, especially the ponytails and their wiggly hair physics. However, I wouldn't mind if the hair was a bit longer. I know it's possible, but I don't know if it's too much to ask for. The Hair looks sooooo gooood...
  2. MajesticPeter

    Attractive Asian Female

    This is the closest I could get to making an Asian looking woman. Made in SRIV. I haven't tried loading her in SRTT. Ignore the goofy looking shoulder. The lighting is just weird in the editor.
  3. MajesticPeter

    Generic Attractive Brunette

    I spent way too much time on this to keep it for myself, so I'm sharing it. Enjoy! PS: She's wearing vanilla clothes, so if you're missing DLC, don't worry about it. I'm also linking to an image on imgur with all the modified attributes if for whatever reason you can't use the .sr_character...
  4. Singa

    Female Cops

    This mod adds female cops to the Steelport PD. They're basically the cop strippers with the police color scheme (or SWAT to be specific since police makes their uniforms white), but I think it fits Steelport pretty well. Inspired by BadMadScientist's Notoriety: male and female cops, and...
  5. D

    [MOD REQUEST] female bunny suit

    I would love to have bunny suit for female which you can change color. The mod has to work in Saint's row the third P. S. sorry for my english
  6. Bennie

    Actual Lingerie/Socks/Stockings type of clothing

    I'd love a mod that would add shoes in the game that have stockings or socks with them that go up to knee high and above, it seems to be possible but no such mod exists, if it's not possible at all then I am personally sorry for this request to anyone because I am not that knowledgeable when it...
  7. Truong_913

    Hot Female Character

    This is my character, I'm using GOG version so I can't upload my character to steelport :(
  8. BrittishBear

    Of the shoulder

    I would like a mod that has a of the shoulder top.
  9. Blackcr0wned

    Skinny & Abs (100%) | Skinny & more Skinny | Abs & more Abs | etc. - How you like it!

    Hey there! I created a little "mod" that changes your abs/muscles to more (I would say 100%) while staying skinny. You can use this for female and male characters, but on male ones (100% skinny) the abs are too much. Also works on a setting without 100% skinny, just try it out. And of course...
  10. MLVNRT

    Female Animation Replacements and Fixes

    plyf.xtbl edited by MLVNRT ___________________ Description: Featuring an animation mod that replaces the original pistol sprint animation with the unarmed female sprint animation. This mod only works for female characters. Male character animations will not change. Additional changes...