1. B

    Delayed hitmarker

    I already posted this in the SRTT and SRIV help/troubleshooting forums. I was hoping Volition might be able to help me with this. I have the same issue in both SRTT and SRIV as this guy. It's a very annoying problem, one that interrupts the flow of gameplay significantly. Does anyone have some...
  2. Admixon

    SPOILERS Patches and Updates

    Patch v1.03 - Sept 11, 2017 GENERAL MISSION FIXES Fixed enemy and vehicle spawning issues in missions (failed to spawn, spawning in unreachable areas, inside props, etc) Fixed issue with dungeon doors not opening when mission objective updates Fixed infinite load that could occur if player...
  3. MysticElodie

    Steampunk Chic Stockings Fix

    Description This small tweak to customization_items.xtbl fixes a layering issue with the Steampunk Chic skirt. Because of the VIDs that were obscured on the skirt, the stockings would appear to layer below certain textures/effects. That's all this mod changes. Mod Compatibility While this mod...