bug report

  1. j3lly_m3lly

    bugged backseat

    the backseats of any kenshin in my game doesn't work even tho the backseats of sandstorms, hoverbikes, and jetskis work perfectly fine for me. despite playing my entire playthru only using kenshin, i was able to get an npc to sit on it as a passenger only a single time, but they were sitting...
  2. j3lly_m3lly

    bugged clothing...

    "button-up, tie, vest" shirt has been ruined despite working perfectly fine before... whenever you try wearing any jacket over it, it starts glitching out- is there any solution?
  3. K

    Animations Barefoot footstep bug?

    So have anyone else heard that after some time playing/shooting up the place your character's barefoot footstep sounds are replaced by shoes sounds? I know it's a minor bug but after some time it bugged me. Why would that happen? Has the game forgot I'm wearing no shoes? Because if you go back...
  4. ninemil

    Plaion is already closing support tickets and sending out "how did we do" email surveys.

    In my experience, (Epic, installed on launch night,) and introduced more bugs than they fixed, and offered nothing of substance to my experience, anyway. Shouldn't tickets remain open for additional information, at least until after the fixes have rolled out? You...
  5. Belcechus

    Missing boots

    The lace-up leather boots were in the boss factory demo, but not in the game. I thought the boots would be unlocked by creating the Saints and unlocking the rest of the default Boss clothing, but they didn't show up in my inventory. The only way to use those boots is to apply the entire outfit...
  6. Singa

    Tutorial Reporting Bugs and Issues

    Since there are plenty of bugs in the game, some minor and some major, the best thing we can do as players is to let the devs know of the bugs we run into, to hopefully patch them. However, before opening a ticket to report a bug, try to make sure that the bug is not caused by a mod you're...