1. Moff

    Editing .sim_pc files.

    I've been messing around with sim files for the last couple of days and thought i'd share my findings. I wrote a script for Blender that imports and exports data from a sim file. In order to use it, open it, copy it's contents into Blender's text editor and run it. File selection window should...
  2. Moff

    SR3R mesh import addon for Blender

    Modified my script a bit to import SR3R models. It works with the models i tried, but errors are possible. I only tested it on character\customization item models, it may not work with static meshes or cars and whatnot. Update 1: Added a function to import NPC head morphs. Update 2: Fixed an...
  3. Moff

    Saints Row 3\4\Remastered mesh import addon for Blender

    Wrote a new plugin for importing models. I only really messed around with customization items, so i don't even know if the script would work with any other types of models, maybe not. Imports mesh, rig and morphs. I made sure that dimensions of the model and armature match the template from SDK...
  4. Moff

    Good news for modders!

    I just downloaded the most recent version of Blender (3.6.1), and apparently some time ago they finally fixed their .fbx import\export plugins, or at least the part of them that prevented models exported from Blender to work properly with SDK tools. I assume that it was because Blender used to...