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    Alternate Character Customization

    Yeah, I seemed to get most of my mods working, at least. I don't think this specific one is working, as nothing looks new when I customize my character, but at all my others seem to work, including freckled skin, censor removal, and nude mods for both genders.
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    Import boss from SR4 to GOOH

    This almost completely works!! My SR4 character uses a modded skin, so she's missing her freckles in the import. That's totally fine! But one thing I DID wonder about is the fact that she's also missing her lipstick, which is vanilla. Any way to get that imported too? (Never mind, it appears to...
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    Alternate Character Customization

    Is this not up to date for the Steam Re-Elected edition? I'm getting infinite loading. Edit: This specifically happens when using the Freckle Bitch mod posted here. I'm still testing, though, because I've never installed mods before today, so maybe putting them in the mods folder is wrong, heh...