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    Thanks for the info
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    May I have an explanation as to why GODZHANDXXX was banned?
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    PhantasyRowSDK - Saints Row 1 Mod Manager/Patch System/User Friendly!

    probably unsupported xbox 360 used their built in media player to play from the audio player
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    Saints Row (2006) Research, Offsets and Information

    Hello everyone, This post is to release any research me and my team have discovered through the last few years or so. Feel free to CONTRIBUTE to this post with anything interesting and we will add any information to the official list as well as credit. EVERYTHING IS LATEST TU! ~Xbox 360...
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    Saints Row RGH RTM Tool and d:\scripts help

    I have been working on a Saints Row 1 RTM tool, but i found that there is a console command "scripts" which loads a script file from d:\scripts how would i go about writing one of these scripts? also heres a pic of the tool everything works: