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  1. 7BSamuel

    What is happening right now?

    If its possible to play SR1 on PC hell yeah I'll jump on that wagon.
  2. 7BSamuel

    Saints Row 1 Weather XTBL's

    Just that one screenshot looks way better than vanilla from the comparison, the shirt looks way more detailed than it should be. And its not nearly as foggy.
  3. 7BSamuel

    Volition has become part of Gearbox Software

    All I think about when I see the transfer between companies is "Bad Deep Silver, bad. It's their project now". I'm sure it goes a lot deeper than that, but still. Here's hoping Gearbox knows what the hell they're doing with the franchise.
  4. 7BSamuel

    SPOILERS Saints Row (2022) official info

    More garages, finally!!
  5. 7BSamuel

    SPOILERS Hear me out...

    Yes yes uh, what schedule narcotics did you inhale to come to this theory? Please take more and keep speaking, some of this makes sense.
  6. 7BSamuel

    SPOILERS Saints Row (2022) official info

    Yessss, oh my god some of those businesses should NOT have been in the city xD I hope we get more interiors to play around with at least. Or more than one safe house / Jim Robs. In reality though they'll probably just add a bunch of filler to the desert that we can't interact with (at least...
  7. 7BSamuel

    SPOILERS Saints Row (2022) official info

    That doesn't surprise me in the slightest, mostly since other games are guilty of the same thing but hopefully they haven't activated it yet to actually polish it before releasing it.
  8. 7BSamuel

    SPOILERS Saints Row (2022) official info

    I don't think SR is bad for not being realistic (if anything it is nice to have that balance between realistic and non-realistic games). But if realism is what we are going to discuss, if that was SR 2022's goal (to not be realistic) it definitely met that goal, not in a particularly good way...
  9. 7BSamuel

    SPOILERS Saints Row (2022) official info

    IMO GTA is good because its realistic, the problem is Rockstar hasn't really done anything with it besides draw it out a decade and monetize it (or let it die in GTA 4's case). GTA 6 has a lot to make up for and honestly I'm skeptical it can even attempt that in more than advanced gameplay...
  10. 7BSamuel

    SPOILERS Saints Row (2022) official info

    The front to back pack ... wh-what the fuck?
  11. 7BSamuel

    Santo Ileso Radio Stations

    I'm curious what everyones' thoughts are on the radio stations of Santo Ileso - like the music, the DJs, and the newscaster (since she seems to be the only thing resembling commercials that I've heard) Some examples: What are some things you wish they would've added/done differently? And am I...
  12. 7BSamuel

    Police Mod & Sandbox+ Mod

    Considering the developers put more thought into the emergency services in this SR game than any other SR game I think it would be really awesome to see some police roleplay happening. Makes me miss the FUZZ activity from SR 2, even something as barebones and simple as that would still be fun if...
  13. 7BSamuel

    SRR | Share your cool/funny screenshots

    I knew it, what tools are people using to do it?
  14. 7BSamuel

    Saints Row 2 Missions Revamped.

    first off you don't need to start the whole game over, and I know this because I also have had issues similar to yours with other missions. But how are you sure it's this mod? You know it's possible to just remove the mod and try again right? Have you also tried the mission skipper mod to just...
  15. 7BSamuel

    Spawning a Warrant (DonoVan) Prison Van.

    You can obtain one if you replay the first mission after purchasing the lighthouse crib. Drive one from the main prison entrance to the lighthouse's "garage" spot. That's how I did it yeeeeeeears ago on an Xbox 360.
  16. 7BSamuel

    SPOILERS Was this an acceptable release?

    I had full intentions of refunding it😂my original intentions were to at least check out what the gold edition consisted of along with the game itself. So not fuckin worth it. Let my bad decision be a warning to everyone else..... wait for the sales.
  17. 7BSamuel

    SPOILERS Was this an acceptable release?

    I regret spending 90 dollars on it but I did it so I'm trying to enjoy 90 dollars worth of entertainment. (before anyone says it apparently being 30 minutes over the 2 hour max playtime disqualifies me from a refund...) May or may not update my post after I get far enough into the game.