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  1. nclok1405

    Is There any way to make a Saints Row 1 modding thread?

    No. This is not allowed. Forum Rules: SR1 is exclusive to Xbox360, so it counts as a console modding.
  2. nclok1405

    Saints Row IV is getting a remaster?

    Regarding internals these are something I immediately noticed: * The game no longer loads mission scripts (*.lua) from patch_compressed.vpp_pc :sigh: * Zero Saints Thirty (m00.lua) and stream_grid.asm_pc is now relocated to "sr3_city_2.vpp_pc" which is new. This change was probably done for...
  3. nclok1405

    SuperUI for SRTT Classic v1.7 (Detailed Notoriety HUD, Enhanced Crib Menu & more!)

    "Modules" are makeshift scheme I came up with to make multiple "sr3_city.lua" mods co-existable without too much effort. All SR games up until SRGOOH can load loose Lua scripts from the game's directory, and these Lua files can embed contents of another Lua file via "include" command. (kinda...
  4. nclok1405

    Saints Row 2 Saints Row 2 Mega Patch is coming... I hope

    I don't think this is true. The DLC mission scripts, vehicle models, and clothing items are not included in the PC SR2's game files.
  5. nclok1405

    Sandbox++ v0.9 (Warp to Activity Markers + Ghost Town Mode)

    Sorry for late reply. Many surroundings around me has changed in these months and I can't take much time to SR modding. 1) No. It will overwrite original Sandbox+ anyway. 2) At least 1 people reported savegame problem but I'm unsure if it is caused by Sandbox++. Using Finder should be fine but...
  6. nclok1405

    [SRTT/SRIV/SRGOOH] Cutscene TV v0.3 (Replay Cutscenes from a Crib TV)

    Cutscene TV v0.3 released. This mod can now play many zscenes/CTEs which means many more mid-mission cutscenes are added.
  7. nclok1405

    Fulfilled saints row 2 buyable clothes from crib mod?

    SuperUI for SR2 mod lets you do that.
  8. nclok1405

    [DEPRECATED] Fast Cellphone v0.2

    Added to SuperUI for SR2 v2.9.
  9. nclok1405

    SuperUI for SR2 v2.9 (No exit prompts in menus, HUD enhancements, better Weapons Cache & More!)

    SuperUI for SR2 v2.9 released. SuperUI for SR2 v2.9 (July 22, 2021) * Restored GameSpy-related menus for OpenSpy. Sadly it doesn't work for me (It lets me create an account but login fails) so nothing beyond the login menu is tested. * Removed Phone tab from multiplayer lobby (Likely horrible...
  10. nclok1405

    [SR2/SRTT/SRIV/SRGOOH] Cleaner Costs v0.1: A Saints Row x PAYDAY2 Crossover Celebration

    Cleaner Costs v0.1 Created by nclok1405 ◆VScYHamhfU Download: "Hey, HEY! Watch your shooting!" -- Bain === Description === Celebrating Saints Row x PAYDAY2 crossover, this mod implements the civilian kill penalty from PAYDAY2 to ALL Saints Row games on PC. When you kill...
  11. nclok1405

    SuperUI for SRIV v1.2 (No exit prompt in menus, Enhanced Gateway menu & more!)

    Additional cheats are 100% safe. In fact I'm regularly using it alongside with SuperUI. Generally, simple *.xtbl mods and graphical mods are okay. Mods with "vint_doc_containers.asm_pc" and/or "patch_vint_doc_containers.asm_pc" are not OK.
  12. nclok1405

    [SR2/SRTT/SRIV/SRGOOH] Drowning v0.3

    Drowning v0.3 released. Now supports SRTT, SRIV, and SRGOOH!
  13. nclok1405

    On-Foot Audio Player v0.1

    I cannot understand what "CC" and "FF" you're referring to. Song title display? No, it's not in SR2 version yet due to the huge amount of songs.
  14. nclok1405

    SuperUI for SRIV v1.2 (No exit prompt in menus, Enhanced Gateway menu & more!)

    Yeah, unfortunately SuperUI mod is not going to work with that (has conflicting UI mods like "Customize any vehicle plus wardrobe color changer" and "SaintsHUD") You may try to install standalone versions of some of included mods though (texture mods are generally safe) ---------- EDIT: SuperUI...
  15. nclok1405

    SuperUI for SRTT Classic v1.7 (Detailed Notoriety HUD, Enhanced Crib Menu & more!)

    SuperUI for SRTT Classic v1.7 released. v1.7 (February 2, 2021) * You can now toggle Machinima Mode from SuperUI options menu (only from main menu) * Disabled the ability to buy ammo for weapons with infinite ammo. (except for grenades which can be removed by missions) * In Weapon Stores...
  16. nclok1405

    [SRTT/SRIV/SRGOOH] Steelport Racing Club v2.5 (January 30, 2021) Custom Mission Mod

    Steelport Racing Club v2.5 released. Now works with Saints Row: Gat out of Hell!
  17. nclok1405

    [SRTT/SRIV/SRGOOH] Cutscene TV v0.3 (Replay Cutscenes from a Crib TV)

    Cutscene TV v0.2 released. This mod now works with Gat out of Hell.
  18. nclok1405

    SuperUI for SRGOOH v0.6

    SuperUI for SRGOOH v0.3 released. v0.3 (January 12, 2021) * Added Mission Replay near the Ultor HQ chair. Push Crouch (Ctrl) or Reload (R) to choose a mission and push USE key (E) to start it. * You can now explore Ultor Training Area and Vlad's Prison in freeroam. * Added an ability to skip...
  19. nclok1405

    SuperUI for SRGOOH v0.6

    SuperUI for SRGOOH v0.2 released. v0.2 (January 8, 2021) * Vehicle Delivery screen displays how many vehicles are stored. * Vehicle Delivery screen now displays each vehicle's "Hell" name and "Steelport" name. (i.e. "HELLBAT (TORCH)") * Save menu will display how many of 21 slots are used...
  20. nclok1405

    Changing radio stations in Gat Out Of Hell - using music from Saints Row IV

    An important tip from me: You are *not* required to download the 552MB Wwise tool if you're only going to use songs from Saints Row IV. Wwise is only required for converting other formats to SRIV/SRGOOH's wem format. If you're going to use songs from Saints Row: The Third, however, Wwise is...