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    Seems there's LOTS of issues with new Saint Row IV Re-Elected release

    The problem is that in the interest of "crossplay", it's a safe bet plaion's set up such nightmares as an always-online requirement or lines in the code to prevent mods that change your installation from their blessed base. If they haven't, it's probably going to happen. I can confirm that the...
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    Super Easy Activities

    I did try another OG Third activities mod Easier Activities Goals and that worked!
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    Super Easy Activities

    It has come to my attention that the OG Third save editor works with Remastered (including the garage glitch) so... does this mod work? Inglorious cheaters want to know!
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    SRTTR save editor

    I just have one question. If the engine code is that similar for the save editor to work, does that mean the activities mods will work as well?
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    All Costumes

    I have to admit I want the Bloodrayne costume thrown in. Nothing new there; I loved that thing in IV.
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    [Debris Stay Mod] v.1 - By: V4.

    Female Cops and your mod both use character.xtbl which concerns me.
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    Classic Iridescent Hair Colors

    That's going to be tricky and much more work. I mean the multitude of colors for clothes was taking all the color palettes for clothing from the franchise and combining them into one set. How many hair palettes have there ever been for the Saints Row games, really?
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    A copious amount of colours (Remaster compatible)

    Now that Remastered is out on Steam, the question of mod compatibility exists.
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    Compatibility patch for Sandbox+, RandomEcounter and SimulationClothingOnShip

    Not quite what I need. I need a patch of Simulation Clothing and NPC_Behavior_Spawn_Mod
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    infinite loadscreen entering rifts

    I have done all other activities and challenges. After the first ship scene, I got back into Fake Steelport and did everything else, all of which worked. I cannot start the rift going as the loading screen never ends. All other transitions worked. My mods: Easier Activity Goals, Bloodrayne...
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    Infinite loading screen

    I have infinite loading screens trying to enter the first rift. I'm not too proud to admit I use the Activity Ease mode (basically adds more time and/or lessens goal levels), the HTSSC edition of Simulation Clothing, the Bloodrayne Costume, the NPC Behavior Spawn Mod, the Expanded Arsenal by...
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    Anime Inspired Water Mod

    The water going from just simulated visuals to an orange gridwork when approached and the fact you can charge up and jump out (believe me; I do it a lot)got me thinking. Since boating is dropped in the game outside of mods, the waters around Fake Steelport could be yet another shout-out as...
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    Saints Row IV -> Saints Row: Gat out of Hell Clothing import

    If ever a game should allow devil horn importing, it's GOOH..
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    V6 - Cheats + Phone + Store menu in Gat out of Hell

    I'm not getting Let's Pretend. I get Planet Zin and the only clothes available are a few costumes and neckwear..
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    Rastaman289 & Fan of Saints' Expanded Arsenal Mod - 666 Edition

    I got that handled via Remove All Clothes. Now I can't buy more.. (She's wearing a Ship Uniform..)
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    Rastaman289 & Fan of Saints' Expanded Arsenal Mod - 666 Edition

    I am having a problem with the Stores (I did the F1 as instructed and they are showing up). It seems I can do IAD and Rusty's Needle, but the Gat and Kinzie skins reapply immediately..