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    Request a fix for model importer

    I have fixed the archive exporter ( and the texture unpacker( And now it's time to fix the model importer to...
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    A fix for menthe sr-tools.

    ONLY SUPPORT UNPACKING, NOT REPACKING. Reference: After the current update of edge and chrome, this tool is not working, as LucasRitter seems to be busy, I made a fix. Usage: 1. Install node and npm (You could use wsl, as...
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    A fix for the SRTT texture unpacker to support SRTTR

    Reference: Change log: SR3UnpackTextures.cpp: line 199: original: switch (TextureRecords.TextureEnum) fixed: switch (TextureRecords.TextureEnum - 16777216) line 290: original: default: std::cout << "ERROR - Unknown texture type."...