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  1. Singa

    Bloody Melee Weapons

    Added a video showing them in action.
  2. Singa

    Classic AS12 Riot

    Added a video showing the difference between the GotR version and this mod.
  3. Singa

    Classic Tombstone

    Added a video showcasing the base mod, as well as the optional version.
  4. Singa

    Dual Wield Stun Gun & Lazarus

    Added a video showcasing the mod in action.
  5. Singa

    Money Gun

    Added a video to properly showcase the looks, as well as the sounds of this mod.
  6. Singa

    Modding Mishaps - SRIV version

  7. Singa

    Share your character pictures

  8. Singa

    SR:TT Modding misshaps

  9. Singa

    Saints Row 2 Saints Row 2 Mega Patch is coming!!!

    It's not a remaster, it's a patch.
  10. Singa

    Activities & Missions Return Of The Classics

    I will gladly change it to female if you want.
  11. Singa

    where is Gentlemen of The Row

    It's right here.
  12. Singa

    Sandbox+ for SRTT

    Did you reset your keybinds as instrucred?
  13. Singa

    This question will probably spark controversy.

    But it was in the wrong place, what are you on about? The Ask Volition forum is to ask technical and modding related questions, not whatever you're asking. "Moved because it's not a technical modding question." is just the more elaborate way of saying "it's in the wrong place".
  14. Singa

    This question will probably spark controversy.

    Have you read this before you made your post?
  15. Singa

    SRIV | Share your character pictures

    No, they were a gift.