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  1. ninemil

    Volition has become part of Gearbox Software

    More details. Sounds like work culture differences between Deep Silver, (German) and Volition (American) may have been part of the motivation for reallocation. Linked-in doesn't appear to suggest a wave of staff redundancies thus far, which you'd expect if Volition was about to be turned into...
  2. ninemil

    Plaion is already closing support tickets and sending out "how did we do" email surveys.

    In my experience, (Epic, installed on launch night,) and introduced more bugs than they fixed, and offered nothing of substance to my experience, anyway. Shouldn't tickets remain open for additional information, at least until after the fixes have rolled out? You...
  3. ninemil

    EGS 7th patch introduced micro-stutter and a 67fps lock. Has anyone managed to fix either of these?

    So a while back, when the latest patch for the Remaster was deployed via EGS, I noticed it had introduced a horrific level of microstutter to the Remaster, as well as a full 50-70% FPS tank, each time I crossed district zones. I also read several posts and reports (DSOGaming website, for...
  4. ninemil

    Mouse & Keyboard: Sprinting makes agents handle like a car - any way to change this?

    No controller plugged in, Steam overlay disabled. Auto-target angle 0, snap to targets disabled. All tobi settings forced off. I notice that when an agent is sprinting, the camera vertical axis auto-levels, and strafe left and strafe right are overwritten by turn left, and turn right. This...