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  1. Wast1980

    Remove requirements from ventures/missions/tower

    Well, like the thread title says, I wish there would be a mod/trainer to remove requirements from ventures/missions/tower. I have a 97 percent savefile, every venture location is 100%, everywhere are saints and their cars, imo the locations were more fun with other gangs still present. I want...
  2. Wast1980

    Unlocks from start

    Hello! Check this out: It says "almost everything done" but it's "just" the yellow map items collected and character level 20 (jut a few perks unlocked, the problem is the challenges unlocks with mission progress), but it's a great savefile to...
  3. Wast1980

    'Rare' vehicle locations

    I thought a thread about 'rare' vehicles and their location would be nice, please share your findings! Clown Ride: Wave Raycaster: Rally Compton: Bathtub Shifty: Smelters Gibraltar:
  4. Wast1980

    SPOILERS I want everyones honest opinion

    I spent countless hours in Saints Row games, played Saints Row 1 on Xbox360 as it was released. Saints Row 2 and 3 (played the original on every system, and the remaster on pc and ps5) are two of my favourite games. Well I prefer gameplay over storytelling (the last good GTA game was San...
  5. Wast1980

    Missing boots

    Have the same issue on PC and PS5, a workaround for me was to import a boss (change sorting to newest, there you can find a lot of uploaded default presets, maybe it would be a solution as well to upload your own boss wearing the boots and download it again...) from another user which uses the...
  6. Wast1980

    Mission Replay Please

    This or a new game plus mode, with all the unlocks intact.
  7. Wast1980

    @tcha Side Hustles

    They just vanish from the map, happened to me in the PC and PS5 version. You can still start the hustle when you are at the location (you will see the circle above the @tcha sign, check google for the map location).
  8. Wast1980

    Shiny clothes for the main character

    Hell yeah! Thank you so much for this, it looks great! nifty, shiny, GORGEOUS!