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  1. Burn The Witch

    Saints Row IV Where are the textures for hotspots??

    Where the textures for the blue and red pixel takeover effects at?
  2. Burn The Witch

    More Super Power Effects

    Ever Hate That default blue trail if so I am here to fix that I have no changed the effects of the suyper run so it can either be invisible, shoot rainbow stars ,leave a electric trail leave a leave a fire trail and leave a acid trail.I also changed the Dfa marker to be red and the freeze blast...
  3. Burn The Witch

    Saints Row IV Water wave simulation

    i edited the water to be almost like the water in sr3 but the only problem is the waves what shader file controls the waves or ripples??
  4. Burn The Witch

    Minecraft Dubstepgun

    I am going to make a minecraft dubstepgun i will update with pictures
  5. Burn The Witch

    Crazysaint's improved water

    This mod makes the water look more realistic. install instructions copy and paste to your cache...
  6. Burn The Witch

    Crazysaint's Improved Water

  7. Burn The Witch

    Water Scrolling

    ok i removed the red squares from the water but how do i get rid of the left over outline?
  8. Burn The Witch

    Porting dlc effects

    i want to port the gangstas in space laser vfx to replace the zin lasers in saints row IV is this legal?
  9. Burn The Witch

    Mission Only Weapons in Saints Row 4-A tribute to BadMad Scientist

    This mod will be a tribute to badmadscientist if anyone could tell me how to preload weapon models this will getdone fast any way this will bring all mission only weapons back
  10. Burn The Witch

    Saints Row 4 More Skin Types mod

  11. Burn The Witch

    Star Wars Battlefront EA Update thread

    The basis of this thread is we talk about what we would like to see in star wars battlefront. And i post daily updates *MOD EDIT* When you post your "Daily updates" please use the EDIT button instead of double-posting. Thanks.
  12. Burn The Witch

    Saints Row 4 More Paint Colors Mod

  13. Burn The Witch

    Chrome Paint Request

    could somebody make it where you can choose chrome paint like on chrome ratteler for any vehicle?
  14. Burn The Witch

    How do i retexture the alien powerpoints

    I want to retexture what the alien powerpoints look like when captured i would lke to change from blue to purple this aplies to big and little ones. I would also like the gateways to be purple if anyone can tell me how to do that. If anyone can help it would be apreciated.
  15. Burn The Witch

    Chrome Paint Request

    Could somebody make it where you can choose chrome paint like on chrome ratteler for any vehicle if so please give me a download
  16. Burn The Witch

    Request for graphics mod.

    Hey can somebody make a mod to turn motion blur on without post processing being on?