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  1. jrmjrmjerome

    Element of destruction, Bling Bling Pack, causing crash

    Hey Folks, i've just bought the goty edition of saints row the 4th, which includes the element of destruction dlc and the bling bling pack dlc. Problem here, if i go into the game and try to use telekinesis with explosion dlc or bling bling dlc, it instantly crashes. Just by collecting it, sr...
  2. jrmjrmjerome

    Sitting / lying down mod

    Hey guys, i'd like to have an emote/action to turn on sitting mode and lying mode, if there is a way to make it last forever, until u move it, it'd be great, if not it could at least last for 1 minute, animation file size can't be that huge since u don't do anything but lie down and sit, maybe...