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  1. scanti

    My laptop died, time to perform some surgery.

    I've been away from the forums for about a week because my trusty gaming laptop decided to die on me. I had left my laptop on all night downloading XCOM: Enemy Unknown from Steam. In the morning I decided to have a quick play and when I started the game all I got was a screen of coloured...
  2. scanti

    Saints Row the Third mod file redirector

    This is the SRTT version of my mod file redirector for SRIV. I have written an utility that allows you to specify the directory in which you place any Saints Row the Third mod files, instead of putting them in the usual SRTT program directory. This means that any loose mod files are neater as...
  3. scanti

    Mod file directory redirector

    I have written an utility that allows you to specify the directory in which you place any Saints Row IV mod files, instead of putting them in the usual SRIV program directory. This means that any loose mod files are neater as they aren't mixed up with the game files and modders can quickly...
  4. scanti

    Saints Row IV Format of normal map textures?

    I've noticed in SRTT and SRIV you use 2 different formats for the normal map texture. You have obviously swizzled the normal vectors and thrown away the z vector (as it can be derived using the Pythagoras' theorem). Do you use 2 different shaders for each normal map type or do you use the so...
  5. scanti

    Saints Row: The Third Command line parameters.

    Just a quick question. Are there any command line parameters for SRTT that could be helpful to us?
  6. scanti

    Saints Row: The Third Artist outsource documents

    Looking at Kelly Snapka's blog it looks like you guys created a bunch of technical documents for when you outsource the creation of art assets. (He has an example of how the vehicles are constructed, although it's a little too low res to be entirely useful). Are you planning on making these...
  7. scanti

    Saints Row: The Third Alignment rules of the files.

    Hi Mike, Thank you so much for your and Volition's support of the modding community. I have so many questions but I'll wait until we get some more info from yourselves before I ask them. Anyway I wanted to ask about the alignment of the data in the files. Am I right in the assumption that...
  8. scanti

    SR3 Shader Dumper

    This is a tool that will disassemble a Saints Row 3 shader file (the shaders are in the shaders.vpp_pc file) and show all the shader code contained in that file. I wrote it to help me to work out the format of the shader files and ultimately the format of the 3d mesh files. Please note that...
  9. scanti

    The format of the SR3 texture files.

    Although I've written a utility to unpack and repack the Saints Row texture files I haven't explained the format of the file. So here it is for those that are interested. As with most SR3 files the data is split between 2 files. The cpeg_pc / cvbm_pc file contains the header information. The...
  10. scanti

    Decoding the Saints Row 3 mesh format.

    This thread will be a discussion of how the Saints Row 3 models work. Me and CJay are working on the format of the files and it's a continuation of the original work done by zoum. The Saints Row 3 model files are broken up into several different files that work together. The main file are the...
  11. scanti

    GamersGate discounted Saints Row this weekend.

    Just a heads up that GamersGate is selling Saints Row the Third and some of the DLC at 50% off this weekend. Saints Row 2 is also £2.09. Not sure if the offer is just in the UK only though.
  12. scanti

    How to edit a Saint Row the Third Normal Map.

    I wrote this guide for use with gimp. You can get gimp from here. You will also need a couple of plug-ins for gimp. The first is the DDS plug-in. You can get it from here. The second allows you to manipulate normal maps and you can get it from here. Now you are all set unpack your normal dds...
  13. scanti

    SR3 Texture Utilities

    I've been working on the Saints Row 3 texture files and I've finally thrown together a utility to unpack the texture data files. I haven't written the program to repackage the textures (there is still one flag I can't decode) however I am working on it. For those of you that like that sort...