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    Working Spawning Gang NPCs and Vehicles from M22/Three Way (Mission Only)

    A simple spawn test in three way/M22 Standalone mod I invented this trick with the groups to make it spawning gangs in Saints Row The Third that no one never done after10 years and there's no way to choose any models for npcs or vehicles, only what's given in the mission. I know people manage...
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    Taxi script, I need help! This script isn't functioning even no sound played from start

    I try to get started with taxi mini game. Which I use as in m14 aka Live with Killbane. I grab decker groups and use them as passengers in lua and I keep checking over and over and I can't even find any errors not even notepad++ detects any errors i make. So it hard to find any mistakes without...
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    Compilation Sandbox+ Crazy/Silly Edition for Remastered

    1 week later a lot of testing... I put all these crazy stuff into Sandbox+ linking to Missions, Triggers at the fun. It's comes with loaded of 32/35 missions on start but one you complete it one of them, you won't able to do it again but reload your saves. Even you beat the game, all missions...
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    Super Kick on Cars

    I'm been messing around all these years kicking cars. This only works for Luchadores team as specialist, so you may nolonger team with your saints however story homies won't turn against you , you cant drive with other people or do hostage diversion or you'll automatically get out the vehicle...
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    New Hades in Day AKA simulation day

    I make the whole Tod turn day AKA sr4 classic. It basically haves simulation Fog. So it's simulation of new Hades. Some area might remove the fog but reappears when you leave. One little issue. If you fly outside of hood s in Hades it will change to hell TOD. But most of it see day. Enjoy...
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    Sandbox++ turns into Expansion (Missions Tweaks, NPC/Group Spawners and More!)

    For the sandbox+ expansion I spent hours getting strings from debug missions and create group with the same name in debug in any missions, finally enemies can be modified with use of flags. (Wonder why for m08/Trojan Whores I can't modifiy the strippers back in 2016) After the old release for...
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    Some cool with killing CID in Crib ship, Homies turn on you.

    Hey, guys! I found something new tweak Crib ship NPCs, first off I get the names from this sr3city.lua thread all the way at the bottom. SR3_CITY_CONTACTS = { { type = QOC_ASHA, npc = "Asha_01", trigger = "asha_trigger" }, { type = QOC_BEN_KING...
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    Far Cry 5 X Saints Row IV

    I'll try to compare to Saints Row IV with Alien City and super-jumps. But they're no aliens at this points.
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    It's it possible to play local co-op by myself to control 2-players SR3, 4 and GOOH?

    I notice gta san andreas have local 2-player for the modded PC verison with SAAC1.2 saac 1.2 just adjust both players controls i want the this game adjust local player and remote player offline so i play with them like san andreas, like i control both player on the keyboard Would modding...
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    Crazy Random Peds and Gang Control in Steelport

    You will see few peds are enemies, enemy biker and punks, and the construction worker, will kill you, that show's how bad is this city than Stilwater. Note: There are unknown enemies that walks strangely in the streets.
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    No TOD Override For Missions

    It's annyoning when I play missions with TODs like purple night in Thrjan Whores, like when I use the cheat "set to sunny" the whole city will turn into darkness! If you fail or restart it, the TOD override will restore back the way it is, I don't know how to figure it out were it came from...
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    All Clothing in Stores

    Also, you will have all clothing including unused/missing from the demo version but you will no longer access in clothing stores regularly, so this requires sandbox+ or Fan of Saint's version, You can...
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    All Clothing in Stores

    You will have all clothing but you will no longer access in clothing stores regularly, so this requires sandbox+ or Fan of Saint's version, You can only access clothing via sandbox+ hotkey.
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    This game crashes when goto different apps to return back to the game

    I was playing SR2, when I when i go to other apps or site or do something while i take a break from this game, it crashes when I return to the game, is there a way to fix this? I have powertools set to 0.5. Does powertools cause the problem?
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    Super Saints Cheat Add-On for SRGOOH

    I wonder super saints isn't there so I added super saints cheats, it doesn't matter if there's saints on the streets unless you have homies to call or mission homies. Put the file in SRGOOH root folder
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    Gang Customization, Better Homies and More Taunts

    I have cooler and fun taunts, you can taunt on a gang and it will piss them off. Put this in SRTT root folder. Video:
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    More Taunts, Gang Customization and More Super Homies

    I added more taunts and compliments and gang customization along with super homies, just put the file in the SRIV's root folder. Preview:
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    How can I exetract SRTT textures as .png?

    I wanted textures as .png but I can't open .springs I need help please with exporting the textures to use them as resource for my game project, texmod doesn't work on SRTT or SRIV. What program I should use to extract textures?
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    Trojan Whores Strippers On Player's Side

    In Trojan Whores you see strippers in the helicopter attack you but they don't attack you unless you destroy the helicopter because I remove attack player flag but I can't remove from other strippers generationing in the penthouse. You'll need a sandbox+ to switch teams. I have 2 versions, one...