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  1. Lukong1515

    Character Customization Socks (new clothing slot)

    My Favourite Slot as before I lost my SSD and Tutors on how to make Pre-Outfit to Pre-Sock (Toe-Socks) to Socks (Mitt/Combine Toes) to shoes. I would make so many types based on Source material I would collect for an IP use to work on
  2. Lukong1515

    Looking to learn how to make texture mods I updated it w/Images (Copied Links, but they don't have Thumbnails Post w/thumbnails of proof...
  3. Lukong1515

    Character Customization Animated Tattoo, Facepaint & Eye Lens (If for SR4 too)

    I got this idea from seeing Aronia's Animated Shirts @Steam Workshop. And thought compared to GTA and Saints Row 4 lack of realism that add to the hatred of SR4...that Animated Tattoos would not only look cool, but make sense for...
  4. Lukong1515

    Cyberpunk 2077 Clones - Why not lead AOM to Tencent

    Before we say Cyberpunk 2077 is the only Cyberpunk...Deus Ex & Remeber Me, but I was saying when I played Agents of Mayhem it felt like pre-Cyberpunk 2077 in my Steam Review, but lacked focus on either being Super Cops or Agents (I will later talk about Mod Concepts). The Pitch I started...
  5. Lukong1515

    Opinion on SR3 Remastered

    MY GOODNESS THEY GTA5 THE MODELS & DETAIL...Kinzie and everyone look so real...I think SR2/1 fans most likely might get a Remaster cause this graphics set a tone "We taking this seriously" also it make sense as they look more gritty than the CGI vs Fornite. Its like a Pre-Saints Row 7, but...
  6. Lukong1515

    Saints Row 5 Ideas thread

    I haven't played SR2/SR1, but I've seen many comments around it. I wouldn't want to expand to the point where everything fills generic, empty/open world or too much work for developers if players aren't going to explore much of it. That being said "..expand it to west of the University...
  7. Lukong1515

    Saints Row 5 Ideas thread

    Why can't we have both, switch, console and mobile...or better yet is illegal to create a Game that downloads your game to a Platform (Basically allowing Cross Platform via Emulator or like a Re-Config with Assets that change the Game vs Porting each game). also I wish people realize to not...
  8. Lukong1515

    Mod on live Carlos

    That is an excellent idea for GOOH as he did die. But sadly your more likely to see it SR4 than SR2. P.S. Google Translate
  9. Lukong1515

    Saints Row 5 Ideas thread
  10. Lukong1515

    Saints Row 5 Ideas thread

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU & THANK YOU VSW ITS HEADS LIKE THIS WHY GET GAMES LIKE PROTOTYPE & INFAMOUS vs "oh "Parkour" & "Being bulletproof" is too op...axe the game, its just 1 hit kills" Also watching Flash, Its about Source Material you can create off anything like even though he can Time Travel...
  11. Lukong1515

    Saints Row 5 Ideas thread

    What your referring to is Meta humor, Self Awareness & Breaking the 4th wall...which is usually awesome and great for conversation between Players & Developers. I once came up with a Movie based on News Article (Rihanna & Friend) & Song (Young Cake Song) about someone who Pranks & Robs (Redirect...
  12. Lukong1515

    Saints Row 5 Ideas thread

    They actually did that. And I would have to say it is also a waste of time, but probably re-used for SR2 Mobile. I play Mobile/Java/.jar Games using KEmulator (The Most serious Jar Emulator) and even playing Games like DEEP & other RPG Jar games, Gangstar Rio looked better than the top down...
  13. Lukong1515

    In defense of Saints Row 4s story

    I wish people realize to not just be redundant with their Source Material, but Upgrade & Apply it different ways. Examples taking the Weapon Styles and applying it to Clothing, or having Color Tier & Color Map for Weapons. Funny enough, I came up with this concept for GTA6 (4 Maps) & SR7...
  14. Lukong1515

    Merging two mods for Steam Workshop

    Will I have the option to either flood the Steam Workshop with over 500 Weapons & Bundle them into a Collection or Merge them...I'd rather just flood the workshop as its already hard enough fixing every little model
  15. Lukong1515

    Merging two mods for Steam Workshop

    Wow so many steps...its saddening, but I must be thank full its easier than the 2013 one. Its either I merge mods or just leave them as a collection in steam workshop
  16. Lukong1515

    How to create styles and skins for your weapon

    THANK YOU FOR THIS HENRY, I am literally in tears after realizing I was using the correct Export Format (FBX Binary 2013) in Maya and now I can at least have Variants appear under each other. BUT WOAH ONTO THOSE WHO MERGE MODS...IT DOESN'T LOOK EASY...THERE ARE LIKE 20 more STEPS JUST TO MERGE...
  17. Lukong1515

    Flow754's Weapon Clone Tool

    Okay so you know how the tutorial says to use Binary 2014...will this was Binary 2013...from some reason I think we should be using Binary 2013. - Blender can Import Binary 2013, but doesn't mention what year Binary 7.4 or ACSII 6.4 - The Mesh in the Screenshot wasn't edited in Blender - The...
  18. Lukong1515

    Flow754's Weapon Clone Tool

    This is what I mean by Class (Sorry about confusion, cause in-Game Class = Weapon, Style = Costume & Skin = Skin...its like everything has 2 to 3 names....very disorganized)
  19. Lukong1515

    Flow754's Weapon Clone Tool

    Nevermind, I realize what I did wrong, this is what happens when I don't get enough sleep.
  20. Lukong1515

    Flow754's Weapon Clone Tool

    You know what...I give up I'm just going to make 43rd GunVary a Mod Resource...cause I could mod the Bat, correct the 9mm or even make a Lightsword Appear. This idea is too big for this many problems. Henry08 I am so sorry to waste your time.