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  1. Masamaru

    Overhauled Stilwater

    I made this mod to be the new generation version GOTR. However, the game is closer to vanilla. This mod includes bug fixes, activity adjustments, graphics improvements, vehicle operability improvements and radio sound quality improvements. And you can easily add other mods. FileName...
  2. Masamaru

    Saints Row 2 High Quality Texture Pack

    This mod realizes a clear image by replacing hundreds of textures and changing fog settings. Also the vignette effect will be removed. Original Image Image with this mod. File #1 FileSize: 58.1 MB (60,973,759 bytes) MD5...
  3. Masamaru

    Two motion blur option

    Recently I have noticed that there are two motion-blur option in the display settings. Is this a bug?
  4. Masamaru

    Saints Row 2 Night view Main Menu

    This mod replaces mainmenu texture and five background movies. You can choose either one of the GOTR style or vanilla style. How to install this mod 1. Change mainmenu background movie. Copy 'videos' folder to SR2 installed folder. 2. Change mainmenu texture. If you use GOTR to build the...
  5. Masamaru

    About RAR5 format compression

    Recently I noticed that the 7-zip can decompress RAR5 format file. Whether the mod files may be compressed in RAR5 format? I want to hear your opinion about RAR5.
  6. Masamaru

    Saints Row 2 MOD Manager

    I frequently need to generate a patch.vpp_pc file. And I had been performed its work in a batch file until now. However, if I add a new mod or change the name of the mod there is necessary to rewrite the batch file. So I made an application that manage the mod and generate new patch.vpp_pc...
  7. Masamaru

    Activity half respect and double cash reward.

    This mod reduce activity's respect reward to one half and increase cash reward to double. And some activity was tweaked to be a little easier. *1) Half respect reward and double cash reward. *2) Tweak to lowered the degree of difficulty *3) Basefile from GOTR. Thanks to Idolninja. Crowd...
  8. Masamaru

    Detailed Weapon Textures

    1. AK47 synthetic stock and hud texture set. 2. AR50/AR50GL with detailed texture. It's slightly different from Masako Team's model. 3. NR4 with detailed texture. It's not a faithful reproduction of the Glock21c. 4. GDHC .50 IMI Desert Eagle.
  9. Masamaru

    Activitiy movies on the television.

    I want to be able to play the movie of each activity on cribs' television, but it does not know the way to even look at the television.lua. Is this possible?
  10. Masamaru

    Saints Row 2 cvtf helper (vehicle customization)

    This small tool helps with sr2's vehicle customization. sr2_cvtf_helper.exe have only a function that operates the sr2_vehicle_table_crunch.exe by "drag&drop" style user interface. So, you need to download the sr2_vehicle_table_crunch.exe from "Volition alpha tools" thread. Volition alpha...
  11. Masamaru

    Saints Row 2 Chunks Texture Tool

    sr2pegtool is a tool for editing the texture of individual g_peg_pc file. However Saints Row 2 has a large amount of texture in the chunk data that divided hundreds, it was impossible to edit it in sr2pegtool. I have developed a SR2ChunksTextureTool in order to collectively manage the texture...
  12. Masamaru


    I found an interesting file "texture_replace.xtbl" in the common.vpp_pc. But there's a no description in this file ( there's only <root> </root>) so I dont't know how to use. I think knowing how to use this file is possible to improve the graphics.
  13. Masamaru

    Saints Row 2 cts mapper

    The application ctsmapper.exe that was included in Gibbed SR2 Tools does not seem to work. So I make a new program sr2ctsmapper.exe. Ver2.01 supports Windows 10. You just drag <name>.cts file and drop it on the sr2ctsmapper.exe. <name>.png file was created and xy(z) coodinate infomation...
  14. Masamaru

    Saints Row 2 High Quality Texture Pack

    I publish this mod as a beta version because some of the textures are not enough quality. And There are a lot of texture that must be replaced yet. Vignette effect removed. It was hard to make this texture... ------------------------------New! 2017/02/25 v1.04 Change the parameters of...
  15. Masamaru

    Saints Row 2 Peg Texture Tool

    I made a new texture tool because there was a bug in old PegTool. Have also been added several new features. Please see the user's manual for more information. FileName: FileSize: 1.23 MB (1,299,734 bytes) ModifiedDate: 2020-11-21T20:33:19+09:00 MD5...
  16. Masamaru

    SR2 HUD Control

    This mod enables to change HUD state in-game. Way to change HUD state. Open radial menu and select Shotgum>Pistol>Fist then close the menu. If you use this mod with keyboard, open radial menu, first press "S", 2nd press "D", 3rd press "W". Release "W" key or center the analog stick before...
  17. Masamaru

    SR2 Improved Vehicles

    This mod improves the maneuverability and stability of most vehicles. v1.06 update The total number of modified vehicle is 91. Improved most vehicles (except airplanes). Readjustment some vehicle in former version. In particular, Bootlegger has greatly improved stability. If Voyage changes the...