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  1. Zopiahh

    GatV Pack Co-op Issues.

    Hi, me and my friend are having some issues with the GatV pack weapon, the Knifethrower. Basically if one of us use the weapon to kill A.I, then the client will start getting connection issues and if we continue shooting A.I, then they end up getting disconnected. If we stop shooting then after...
  2. Zopiahh

    Saints Row IV Add money through stores.

    Hi, I was wondering if it's possible to add money to the player through a store. I have setup everything needed to sell something such as the menus and prompts. I have tried cash_add(1000, LOCAL_PLAYER), but that didn't work and I can't find any relevant functions in the store code to add money...
  3. Zopiahh

    Saints Row IV Game Launcher

    This is a simple game launcher for SRIV that will allow you to change your game options before launching the game. At the moment the launcher cannot retrieve current settings but I will fix this in a later update so for now you will see all of your options blank but don't worry the setting...
  4. Zopiahh

    Image as Design fix for Sandbox+

    This little fix lets you load straight into image as design instead of the character line-up which resets your character. Just press R + Right Bracket( ] ) Also comes with a modified sr3_city.lua that just uncomments the code for the image as design command. This is just the ported...
  5. Zopiahh

    Mission Replay V1.1

    This mod will allow the user to select any completed mission/side quest or objective from the quests section in the hub underneath the 'Completed Quests' header: Note: Some quests will have objective markers in the ocean or the sky and will require you to use a vehicle to reach it( or you can...
  6. Zopiahh

    Mission_start function not working.

    In Saints Row IV I am currently trying to use the Mission_start("mission name", true) function to load a mission but unfortunately it isn't working, but I have found that it works perfectly in Gat out of Hell. In the attached sr3_city.lua you can see that i'm trying to use R + Right arrow key...
  7. Zopiahh

    Streaking Animations

    This is just a simple mod to include streaking animations from SRIV. Best to be used with my mod Cheats + Phone + Store menu in Gat out of Hell which allows you to customize your character and change clothing.
  8. Zopiahh

    Not enough soul clusters?

    I have currently collected 939/940 soul clusters with 14 unspent clusters but i have two abilities left to unlock which are Vamp Aura - Amped 3 and Vamp Aura - Consume which requires a total of 25 soul clusters, so if there are no more than 940 soul clusters i am unable to buy every ability.
  9. Zopiahh

    Loading store menu from hub menu.

    Hi i would like to know if it's possible to load a store menu e.g image as design, rusty's needle from the in-game hub menu.
  10. Zopiahh

    V6 - Cheats + Phone + Store menu in Gat out of Hell

    This mod re-enables the cheats option in the hub but at the moment it disables stats but i'm working on fixing this. I have now fixed this issue. Also this re-enabled the ability to use many of the stores including Image as Design, Planet Zin, Rusty's Needle and Rim Jobs(not working) To...
  11. Zopiahh

    Gat out of Hell final mission cutscene bug

    I have found that with the final mission it plays the wrong cutscene instead of playing SB_Wedding_Party it plays SB_Intro instead. I have also recorded a video of what happens:
  12. Zopiahh

    Wear simulation clothing while on ship

    This is my first mod that allows the player to wear their clothing from the simulation on the ship. Place both files(game_lib.lua and sr3_city.lua) in the Saints Row IV Directory. If you are using IdolNinja's Sandbox+ then download the Sandbox+ Patch. If you are using IdolNinja's Sandbox+ and...