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  1. saints233

    How to make our homie and enemies use advanced weapons?

    As we all know, most of the weapons of Saints row can be up to level 4.But only the protagonist can use the upgraded weapon himself, in order to improve the challenge of the game and the homie weapon.How can we use advanced weapons?
  2. saints233

    About Santo Ileso police

    I hope can also add the FBI and the National Guard, otherwise only the police can play with you after all the gangs are wiped out.
  3. saints233

    About Santo Ileso police

    I prefer to have high-tech troops, just like STAG and Ultor
  4. saints233

    About Santo Ileso police

    The police of the Santo Ileso can they have apcs, lockdown vans ,attack helicopters and gunboat like the Steelports police? Santo Ileso Is there a national guard stationed or a high-tech force army like the STAG?At present, the official has not revealed any news to the law enforcement unit.Only...
  5. saints233

    Is there any way to improve npc wayfinding ability

    Although the enemies of Saints Row 3 are very strong, but the IQ of the enemies is a little too low, especially the police and gangsters. When the protagonist enters the house and still does not buy it, the enemy will basically not enter the house and will only be stupid outside. And it won't...
  6. saints233

    About ai improve

    Is there a mod can make civilians and gangs equal before the police?When they kill a policeman, they generate their own notoriety value and generate a policeman waiting to be killed by the police nearby. Instead of just aiming at the protagonist.If the gangs kill the police, the police gangs...
  7. saints233

    About the five notoriety generator helicopters

    The original eagle is only responsible for transporting 4 soldiers at five notoriety values and has no aggression, I don't think it has any effect in combat and affects the number of people spawned on land, I tried eagle mad and helims05add the code to reasonable police attack heli,But none of...
  8. saints233

    About the five notoriety generator helicopters

    I want to make aggressive egale Helicopters have a chance to spawn at five notoriety levels, but what is the code for this helicopter? I read the post three of the vehicle code and tried three Eagle's code discovery is not this kind of helicopter, does anyone know the code of this kind of...
  9. saints233

    About npc Use of weapons

    How can the police and SWAT and the National Guard hold guns like gangsters when patrolling? Which file needs to be modified to achieve this?
  10. saints233

    About npc use Gun problem

    How can the cop and other law enforcement officers learn to shoot in the car like gangs? How can the National Guard and SWAT patrol with guns like gang members without attacking others?
  11. saints233

    Increase homies action

    i want mine homies can be like SWAT or STAG soldiers make a rolling motion during gunfights. How to modify the relevant documents to achieve this?
  12. saints233

    Notoriety doubt

    Why do I generate APC when I add five levels to Morningstar and Deckers in the Notoriety_spawn file, and many times the gang can't refresh, especially in survival tasks and illegal trading games, sometimes the gang will refresh normally, and sometimes it won't refresh at all, is it because the...
  13. saints233

    decal repair

    How to fix the swat bear species generated by the five stars to the correct decal, and it can be generated on land when driving a tank?
  14. saints233

    Bug repair

    Now I am using the npc generation module of shitface. At present, I don't see any bugs except when the figure pulls the car into a T shape. Is there any expert who can tell me how to fix it?
  15. saints233

    extra missioon

    Is there a professional mod maker who can create a police or ambulance firefighter mission mod like the GTA
  16. saints233

    Wanted system repair

    Do any experienced modders know how to change the lockdown driver to SWAT and co-pilot to a SWAT
  17. saints233

    NPC behaviour and spawn mod

    Perfect mod greatly changed npc behavior and improved ai. The author changed lockdown's driver to swat and the co-pilot plus swat was even more perfect.
  18. saints233

    Notoriety and Homies Tweak

    The author's mod has a small defect, that is, the SNG and the APC of swat that are brushed out when there are four shields or five shields. They only have two people. Normally, the number of people transported in APC should be 4~6, and the refresh frequency is a bit slow. Lockdown's co-pilot...
  19. saints233

    Notoriety Error Fix & Logic Improvement

    Mod is very good, basically meeting the demand. saints row is very comprehensive compared with some games such as gta5 and Watchdog in the aspect of wanted system, and it is particularly interesting to do it. It would be better if we could add roadblocks. I really don't know why the roadblocks...