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  1. Janson

    A map editor?

    works pretty well im aware at how big of a task it is to do this, being that its all 3dsmax files in a special format we dont know some chunks (most except interiors ive seen) have misaligned objects that im afraid to edit another thing, when i go to swap an object to another's ID. i can only...
  2. Janson

    Saints Row 1.5 Lighting

    you can use the exe version (GOG) instead of the steam one which uses a DLL. or you can do as i stated above, except with openspy dll instead of dxvk
  3. Janson

    Saints Row 1.5 Lighting

    1. rename the dxvk d3d9.dll to something like "dxvk" 2. create a new file called "DX9Settings.ini" 3. inside that new file, write this [General] proxylib = C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Saints Row 2\dxvk.dll instead of "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Saints Row...
  4. Janson

    Visuals & Graphics GTA V HUD

    superui also changes it it also can put the weapon wheel in the middle of the screen even under all the textures tho, the map is hard-coded to be a circle, so we cant do that
  5. Janson

    SR1 Gang's Cars

    One day when we have enough we must compile all of them together to make the ultimate sr1.5 mod, just know we have to agree on which gangs to replace. For now I'd say Ronin = Vice Kings Samedi = Los Carnales Brotherhood = Westside Rollerz works pretty well
  6. Janson

    Saints Row 1 HUD

    this goes so well with everything else, much love
  7. Janson

    Spadita's Weapons Tweaks Workshop

    you're doing exactly what ive wanted to. if possible, could you include the spas12, spas12b, and platinum tec? there isnt a mod that has every leftover gun from sr1. theres some mods that add one or another, along with gotr bring it half way back so. thatd be amazing and this would be a 10/10...
  8. Janson

    Modding mishaps: SR2

    this is from 2017 and to this day i have zero idea what this is or what it came from
  9. Janson

    SOLVED Part of Stillwater not loading until get really close

    I never realized that increasing texture size would cause this issue, I always thought it was just the rendering giving out regardless of what mods you add.. but I suppose it makes sense that it breaks LOD textures someway. I don't really fly or notice it then but I'll definitely keep this in...
  10. Janson

    SR1 Text Font Mod

    hey sodadog, great mod and something i completely missed when theorizing my sr1 gameplay mod for sr2, also.. i think youre the guy who added all that stuff to the cutting room floor page for saints row 1 and 2, amazing work there as well
  11. Janson

    SR2 Complete Combat Overhaul

    yeah i stopped using it due to how volatile it is with save files, once you put it on.. you better not take it off or that save will never load again afaik.
  12. Janson

    SPOILERS Saints Row (2022) official info

    im probably gonna play it but not treat it like a saints row game, i want to customize my character which has been confirmed and the car stuff looks sweet.. saw a lot that would interest me, the gameplay mechanic of having property also entices me.. but yeah i do feel misled about the very loose...
  13. Janson

    Idol Ninja

    He will be missed dearly.. it seems like just yesterday we were talking on steam chat about modding sr2 and he was the most supportive person out there. I'm glad he got to live the life he did and work on this game, he will forever live on in many hearts as the creator of Gentlemen of The Row...
  14. Janson

    Saints Row 2 Saints Row 2 Mega Patch is coming... I hope

    im not sure why your list of features would include requests for hardened limitations. personally i would find being able to change weapon switch bindings very useful, oh yeah and thats already in the controls menu lol you made a very good point in number 6 about the moon and such, it seems...
  15. Janson

    Character Customization Rings

    from my experience I would say you are on the right track
  16. Janson

    Dual Wield EVERYTHING

    im getting back into sr2 modding so ill be happy to help you make this even better sometime soon
  17. Janson

    Hey IdolNinja i have a question

    the mod moves them from the character creator to the clothing stores, go to a clothing store and you can put on eyes and any color you want. the reason this was done was so that you can have any color eyes you want and not just those default ones that are in the character screen
  18. Janson

    Character Customization Rings

    So the rings youre talking about are from the sons of samedi, im not exactly sure if theyres a slot for the pinky and middle finger but it may be possible to add them
  19. Janson

    Mod Coop

    You need to allow your tunneling service through your firewall. What I do is just disable it on both pcs when I play. For hamachi, when you both are in the room click on the other PC and hit diagnose and see what it says.