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  1. Lukong1515

    Character Customization Animated Tattoo, Facepaint & Eye Lens (If for SR4 too)

    I got this idea from seeing Aronia's Animated Shirts @Steam Workshop. And thought compared to GTA and Saints Row 4 lack of realism that add to the hatred of SR4...that Animated Tattoos would not only look cool, but make sense for...
  2. Lukong1515

    Cyberpunk 2077 Clones - Why not lead AOM to Tencent

    Before we say Cyberpunk 2077 is the only Cyberpunk...Deus Ex & Remeber Me, but I was saying when I played Agents of Mayhem it felt like pre-Cyberpunk 2077 in my Steam Review, but lacked focus on either being Super Cops or Agents (I will later talk about Mod Concepts). The Pitch I started...
  3. Lukong1515

    How to fix Tiny Weapon & Unchanged Clip Size

    Working on a Mod called 43rd GunVary for SR4 while making a New Tutorial that includes using Blender - I thought I did the Export/Import right (Imports FBX 2013 Binary to Blender 2.78 & Exports FBX 7.4 Binary to Maya 2015) - Made Clone Costume Folder of Weapon (9mm Tactical) > Renamed Edited...
  4. Lukong1515

    Angry Joe Review is Hilarous

  5. Lukong1515

    SPOILERS Idea for other Ministries (Wiki )

    Ministry of Lust (Like the Dominatrix) - Follow & Hunt Down, harder to loose - High Soldier Count/Summon (Remember a Joke = In Hell > "Hello, there seems to be a lot of Fornicators here"), but most are melee - Turn Peds against Agents or into Soldier's of the Ministry or have Peds Drive at you...
  6. Lukong1515

    How-to Edit AOM's Texture: Captured w/ResoRep & Edit w/Paint.NET [v0.5]

    NOTE (Aug 05, 2018) - This is ONLY for replacing existing Textures aka Override, you can't add new Skins - This is ONLY to change the design (transparency (Alpha) & color (RGB)) & other Maps of Textures that are used on Agents, Vehicles, Environment, Interface/Menus & Effects - If you edit the...
  7. Lukong1515

    Does anyone know about this Extractor on Xentax? ultra-veteran made an extracter that has a UI
  8. Lukong1515

    Is it just me?

  9. Lukong1515

    Agents of Mayhem AOM: Can we lower Graphic & Texture Resolution

    Lower Texture Graphics Is it possible to create a Texture Package that allows the game to use a Low Reso/Size Texture (Which would take up more space) ? or Provide an update that switches the Texture to a Lo-Size/Reso or Solid Colors w/Ambient Occlusion & Shading (Would look like a rendering a...
  10. Lukong1515

    Idea to Redeem AOM

    Other than Bug Fixes, Optimization & Compatibility. I was going to put this in Mod Ideas, but this seems to big for Mods. WARNING: I DON'T HAVE THE GAME SO I DON'T KNOW WHAT ITS LIKE. Pros - Offline Overwatch, Third Person Shooter, Vehicles Cons - Selling to Overwatch Market vs Saints Row...
  11. Lukong1515

    WORKSHOP Saints Row 43rd GunVary [0.3]

    The concept of the Mod is if Saints Row 3's Gun Upgrade Models where Saints Row 4's Gun Costumes/Styles = Make Multi-Combo Variant Models of each Costume as a Class 2. Make or Use Different Parts Combinations from other weapons on each Costume/Style 3. Wishlist: Change UI Workflow & Add...
  12. Lukong1515

    Extracting SR4 Mesh to FBX for Maya 2015?

    I can't seem to find anything about Extracting or Converting SR4 Mesh to FBX to put into Maya, they released Weapons FBX, but not Clothing FBX...which would probably be too huge. So based on that I'm assuming there wasn't any way to Convert mesh from SR4?
  13. Lukong1515

    Clone Clothing or Weapon Help (Easy CMD Input)

    A .BAT Tool & Info that makes using flow754's & Minimaul's Cloning Tool which requires the use of CMD easier by avoiding to have to retype the Filepath and Detail Instructions as you go along. Click above, on Usernames for Pages on Tools ERRORS WITH CLONING WEAPONS & CLOTHING = CERTAIN...
  14. Lukong1515

    Saints Row 5-7 Customization Concept (Clothing Mostly)

    I was going off Topic on a Mod request and realize adding Slots might also Require the Editing of Mesh, Bones & "Morphs" so the Devs would need to Overhaul the System in later Installments. Info - SR5-6 Concepts: Menu Workflow, Adding More Slots, More Modularity, Position Variation...
  15. Lukong1515

    A User-Friendly Template Maker, Override Hooker & Menu Chan

    Template Maker Basically giving Users a Mod Maker App that can Search, Extract, Convert for Editing & Repack Files for users. Set Game Folder so App knows where Archives, Mesh & Texture are Have a Search Bar with a Render Button for allowing users to Preview Mesh/Texture/Effects Pick what type...
  16. Lukong1515

    Saints Row IV Blender Support or At least way to Just Edit Mesh

    I'm having so much trouble getting use to Maya (I avoid 3DSMax like Cancer and only use it as a Convertor). I in fact decided to use Maya rather than 3DSMax to edit mesh in SR4 cause I could tell the interface was going to easier to understand, but the Hotkeys & Features feel over the place...