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  1. War Raichu

    THQ Nordic acquires Koch Media,c2452159 In other words, THQ owns Volition again! Given that Nordic announced DRM free versions of several of their games just a few days ago, this sounds like nothing but good news for future Volition games, since we...
  2. War Raichu

    SPOILERS A familiar face...erm...voice may have just outted his presence in the next SR game Spoiler: Dane Vogel's voice actor!
  3. War Raichu

    Patch Notes: 12-10-13

    At first glance, shitface's NPC Behavior mod (no surprise there) and IdolNinja's "Customize any vehicle plus wardrobe color changer" mod were both broken
  4. War Raichu

    SPOILERS Changing the Hub Menu Music

    I was stoked when a remix of the Saints Row 2 pause menu music played in the cutscene with both Shaundis (and it was reused for the fake SR1 title screen at the end of the game). Very nostalgic! Since the hub menu has "music" again (even if it's mostly ambient noise), is it possible to replace...
  5. War Raichu

    Changing the models for cache and health pickups

    After noticing that health pickups in Saints of Rage are food, it made me wonder if it's possible to use those icons (or even models, if they're actually 3D like everything else in that mission) as replacements for the generic blue crosses normally used for health. It'd be a nice reference of...
  6. War Raichu

    Make side quest upgrade rewards available for purchase instead of auto-unlocking

    I imagine that a save editor won't be out for a while now (judging by that one rule for this forum), so until then, I'd love to see a mod that, upon completion of certain side quests, merely makes the upgrade rewards available for purchase rather than forcibly activating them automatically...
  7. War Raichu

    Chosen Time of Day continuously resets to the default

    For some reason whenever I load my save, the time of day loaded is always the default sunrise variant you get once you clear the story, no matter which of the ToD styles I have selected in the spaceship. Using the clearskies cheat from Idol's additional cheats mod allows me to quickly reset the...
  8. War Raichu

    Attempting to taunt occasionally changes the radio station instead

    Despite normally not being able to change radio stations on foot except from the radial menu, there will be times where I'll try to taunt an enemy and instead the radio station list will appear as if I'm in a car. Really gets annoying since I'm still trying for the taunt challenge. Anybody else...
  9. War Raichu

    SPOILERS Post-Game Time of Day glitch(?) upon reloading save

    I only just started noticing this recently, so I don't know if it's been like this since I beat the game, but whenever I load up my save, the world spawns with the same blueish gray skybox (the one used for a controlled neighborhood prior to beating the story) no matter what option I previously...
  10. War Raichu

    Restoring Survival and Hitman/Chop Shop Missions to the Map

    Since Survival, Hitman, and Chop Shop were all given map icons in this game rather than them being randomized phone calls or Saints Book missions, would it be possible to make them permanent on the map so that you can do them whenever you want?
  11. War Raichu

    Any Weapon Costume for any Weapon

    I was just curious if it's possible to equip a weapon with a costume that normally belongs to another weapon entirely. For example, equipping the Pulse Rifle skin for the Burst Rifle to the Automatic Rifle or even one of the SMGs. I imagine this would be trickier for weapons that use entirely...
  12. War Raichu

    SPOILERS Two Best Friends Play: Saints Row 4

    seems they were given permission to do their brief lets play of the game early just a forewarning, while they do show off brief shots of the first few missions we've seen from E3 footage, they also end the video with a very significant spoiler that I wish I hadn't seen.
  13. War Raichu

    Disabling NPC Death Animations

    I really dislike how most of the NPCs in the game go through a static death animation (flying backwards if shot with a shotgun, sinking to their knees if headshotted, etc.), as opposed to SR2 where they would just ragdoll appropriately. Is there a way to turn these animations off? I seem to...
  14. War Raichu

    Saints Row 4 - War for Humanity Trailer

    Eliza Dushku Shaundi and Keith David as "Keith David"
  15. War Raichu

    Saints Row 4 Trailer - Meet the President

    I was hoping for more than this, but I'll take it! Game looks spectacular, I don't even mind the dubstep (although you'd think they would've shown off the dubstep gun in this)
  16. War Raichu

    Project Awakened (An Open World PC Game with Super Powers and Heavy Customization)

    I've been enamored with this game ever since it was called "Hero" in development at Midway (before they collapsed). If you ever played Psi-Ops on the Xbox or PS2, it's basically a spiritual successor to that game, as many of Awakened's devs worked on Psi-Ops as well. It's an open-world sandbox...
  17. War Raichu

    Removing Canned Animations

    I really dislike how SR3 has so many canned animations to everything despite ragdolling being so much better. When you kill an enemy, they always have a death animation (slumping to their knees, doing a weird mid-air twist, flying backwards if shot in the chest, etc.) instead of simply...
  18. War Raichu

    Orbital Launcher

    I never played SR2 on the PC, but I loved the concept of the Orbital Launcher weapon that was included in Gentlemen of the Row. It's what I had hoped the Sonic Boom would be in SR3, but that just disappointed me in the end. That said, I was wondering if it were possible to recreate the Orbital...
  19. War Raichu

    Removing Clothing Combination Restrictions?

    I really dislike how you can't wear certain articles of clothing without affecting another piece you're already wearing. For example, you can't wear the wrestling masks while also wearing a hoodie with the hood up, which I think would make a cool-looking outfit. You also can't have certain...
  20. War Raichu

    I think I killed the dynamic weather system

    I've been playing for about 11 hours now, and I've yet to see the game produce rainfall without it being scripted for a mission or with a cheat. When I started my save file I had the Alternate Times of Day mod installed, so I figured that those times of day just weren't programmed to produce...