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  1. Darkchildkiki18

    Have the decker specialist animation srtt

    Hello i wondering if is possible to have the decker specialist whole animation and not just the ones ones on sandbox + if so can someone please make it , it would be awesome to have it thanks
  2. Darkchildkiki18

    porting npc's from sr3 to sr4

    hello can anyone tell me if its possible to port sr3 npc to sr4 as homie , i know there is some mods that have done the deckers , morningstars , luchadores , but i was wondering if someone can port the specialist as well , if its possible can someone do it please , thank u , i may have ask one...
  3. Darkchildkiki18

    Animal ears and tails for sr3 and sr4

    Hello is it possible to have cat , dog , fox , bunny ears and tails for sr3 and sr4 as well let me know if it is and can someone please do it , thanks
  4. Darkchildkiki18

    how to make mods for sr3 and sr4 game

    hello i am worndering how u make mods for sr games never made any would like to try anything would be ok please let me know how to or anything u know i am greatfull for ur help , wanna made mods that people would like to use
  5. Darkchildkiki18

    Adding the gang specialist

    Hello is it possible to add the decker specialist and Morningstar to sr4 if so can someone make a mod of this please thank u
  6. Darkchildkiki18

    Is it possible to port sr3 gang member from sr3 to sr4

    Hiya how r things ?I was wondering if it is possible to port sr3 gang member from sr3 to sr4 cuz I want to port the decker specialist from sr3 to sr4 , from sr3 but don't know if possible or how to if so how do I do this please help/let me know thanks
  7. Darkchildkiki18

    Saint deckers with there sword on their backs like the deckers sr3

    Hiya , is it possible for the saint deckers that u get when u complete the stop all downloads mission to have their sword on their backs like they did/ have when they were on the deckers team if so can someone do that or let me know what u think please ok thanks
  8. Darkchildkiki18

    is it possible to have weapons on characater ?

    hiya does anyone know how/create weapon to go on the back of the create character cuz it would be nice to see that you can have the deckers sword or the shock hammer on your back like they do , also having trouble with sandbox + can't use my weapons when I use decker specialist animation at all...
  9. Darkchildkiki18

    changing npc or keeping both and trouble with sandbox+

    hiya , i was wondering if anyone knows how to mod henry08 mod that he made that gives you the decker specialist i like her so i was thinking of having the one from this mod and have viper venom's decker specialist mod as well or changing her to viper venom's decker specialist and also adding...