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  1. Janson

    Compilation SR1 Gameplay Mod

    Disclaimer: Everything in this mod was found in the gamefiles. Nothing has been ripped or stolen from other games. Proof can be given if requested. Update 1.1: Added new animations for guns taunts no longer make you talk drugs optimization new preload fixes for multiplayer removed...
  2. Janson

    Crust Punk Style'ed Tattoos

    Replaces Devil Left Arm, Lilly Right Arm, Tiger Front, and Dragon Back
  3. Janson

    What did I just find? So this basically doesn't state anywhere that its fan fiction or what not, but it seems to either be some sort of wishlist or non canon ideas about Saints Row 5. The main page is pretty barren but theres tons of subpages about various topics. I...
  4. Janson

    Has anyone ever noticed the fighting styles of NPCs?

    I was testing weapon pickups and this old guy punched me, but I have never seen this set of animations. It's kinda buggy and he resets to his walking stance right after each attack. He swings his left arm from the side, then his right arm from the side. Most old NPCs I see just use the default...
  5. Janson

    Where is the tattoo files?

    I'm thinking about the infamous "two headed three titted pirate" and how I might want it in real life to commemorate my love for the game.. but also because like, its funny to me and blah. I don't need a speech about bad tats and regrets. Just looking for the texture file.
  6. Janson

    Janson's Unofficial Clothing Patch

    There are things that bothered me about Saints Row 2's customization that I aimed to fix. Why is the leather choker listed as eyewear and not a short necklace? Why is the surgical mask a loose belt and not a mouth piece? These are examples of things I look at and revise. (Following picture shows...
  7. Janson

    Hats dont change original hair.

    I haven't dug too deep but how hard would it be to make it not hide hair when putting on a hat. Better yet, I'm trying to remake a hoodie I have in real life which has cat ears on the hood. Could it be made to wear a hat over the hoodie possibly? Maybe move the ears to the necklace slot or...
  8. Janson

    Found SR1 MP taunts in SR2 files!

    They were hidden in plain site. I got confused because in the files taunts are called insults which I didn't know, so I didn't notice taunt_a b and c weren't what I assumed. If you don't know, in SR1 single player there isn't any taunts and compliments (the saints can do some but it's not...
  9. Janson

    Timescale Change?

    Would it be possible with a lua change to make the game run in real time? I'm not sure the time in game vs real life exact but it seems like an easy change that my skills cannot perform.
  10. Janson

    New Pimp Slaps

    Hidden in the game files there are 3 unused variants of the already existing pimp slap. Presumably these were in the beta or some pre-release version of the game and cut. Shocker Rocker Normal The pimp slap in the game uses the middle finger. This one is a normal one you would see in...
  11. Janson

    The boss singing along to the radio.

    I used some audio extracting tools on Saints Row 2 (thanks to that person who found how to use it) and found the voice clips of the boss singing to the radio. Thing is... there's no music; It's just a loud man/woman screaming into a mic. I find this to be a very funny piece of Saints Row...
  12. Janson

    Saints Row 1 Drugs

    This mod re adds most of the drugs from Saints Row 1 that's files were left in the game, I found them in meshes.vpp_pc, reenabled them in drugs.xtbl, and added their meshes to the preload file, which you will need to overwrite once you have created your patch file. UPDATE WOHOO Courtesy of...
  13. Janson

    What is this?

    Was expecting some code or something in the folder called data but nooo it's some random 3d tiger model? Why?
  14. Janson

    Saints Row: Cut Content, Beta, Alpha, Discussion

    I'd like to start off this post with an overview of general and not so general information. Saints Row has had many changes since it's final release, in all games 1 - GOOH. Some for the better, some for the worse. Now most things are public with the instance of data mining, and the various...
  15. Janson

    OldSchoolSaints Mod

    Info: I have come to think that all my knowledge of Saints Row could be used to make a bunch of mods and release them as they are made and configured. Starting with xtbl's and animx's I will contribute to the community by releasing a unique Saints Row 2 experience. -Added a few clothes to Bling...
  16. Janson

    Possible first mission skipper/replacer

    I am wondering, is it possible with the use of xtbl, cts, or lua files to skip the first mission of the game (Jailbreak) for an upcoming overhaul mod of mine. I was thinking you finish character customization, then right after the cutscene it will auto complete.
  17. Janson

    Streaking run and sprint animations?

    Can someone replace the default run and sprint animations with the ones in the streaking activity? It would look cool in my opinion.
  18. Janson

    New Glitch with GoTR

    This glitch comes into play with Sandbox+ You have to do a command to load a chunk swap and then weirdness will ensue. To start, type 888 215. Then do 888 144. IF you start falling through the floor you know you did it. If it didnt make you fall through the ground then do 888 215 again. Now some...
  19. Janson

    Why was the DLC never brought to PC?

    It had some killer stuff like more missions, and some sick clothes and cars. One of them even gave you infinite special ammo upon completing it. Even the Unkut pack which was just clothes was still cool. I would be willing to pay full price for them to this day. Maybe it was because it would be...
  20. Janson

    The Freezer (Glitch)

    A well known yet still very mysterious glitch lies within Saints Row 2. It goes by the online name "The Freezer." According to many users, myself included. Believe that it can break copies of Saints Row 2. It is worth noting that it only seems to occur in the Xbox 360 version of the game from...