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    Saints Row IV Brady Games Pack DLC bug

    a bug of the paid DLC Brady Games Pack, selected skin couldn't be saved. would it ever be fixed?
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    (solved) disable Dash Shield blue effect

    is there a mod which can disable the blue effect of Dash Shield? i have been using lenankamp's 3 disable superpowerglow mods, but seems they don't remove dash shield effect & stomp blue effect. i also tried cRAZYSAINT's...
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    customised SMGS doesn't save?

    i've tested with vanilla, removing all mods. whenever i try to customize SMGS' stype to BG-40 "PRETTY PINK" or "GOLD-PLATED" or "PAINTED GUN", it would temporary show the correct colour, but after saving the game and i re-load it, it goes back to "BG-40 DEFAULT" :(
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    how to remove NPC pixel? (small spoiler)

    is there anyway to remove npc pixel when they are naked? e.g. rescuing Matt Miller in SR4, rescuing Oleg in SR3 etc