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    SRIV Ported Weapons Textures Do Not Load

    Does anyone know why textures of ported SRIV non-player weapons sometimes do not load?
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    Hairstyle Customization

    Hello. I need some help on trying to add a secondary color and design to the male hairstyle "Rugged Class". I'm trying to add the knotted end of a bandana (i.e. Rambo's headband) around the back of the hair style, but it's not working. The file is custmesh_-129951475. When I try drawing in my...
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    Bomber Jacket Port

    Hello. I need some help. I'm trying to port the SRIV Bomber Jacket over to SRTT. I successfully unpacked/switched/repacked the SRIV Bomber Jacket with the SRTT Bomber Jacket, updated the ASM files and was able to get it to work on my character the first time in-game. However, every time I exit...
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    Instant Notoriety

    Hello. Does anyone know if it's possible to set instant gang notoriety if a rival gang detects you walking, driving, etc. on the street? I've been playing around with settings in the notoriety xtbl table, which allows you to set gang or police detection for robberies, assaults, thefts, alerts...
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    Invisible Weapons

    Does anyone know if we can make weapon models invisible in SRTT? In SRIV we could do it by changing entries in weapon_costumes.xtbl, but that table doesn't appear to exist for SRTT.
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    Camera Positioning For High Jumping

    Hello. I was playing around with the jump and dive roll lines in the tweak table.xtbl and may have found a way to jump higher: The only problem is I don't know what xtbl file controls the camera, so that it follows you, when you jump high. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance.
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    Weapon texture problem

    Recently, I swapped the pack files between Agent of Mayhem's "Rama bow gun" and SRIV's Alien Laser Rifle for an Avenger's Hawkeye Mod. However, every time my character changes weapons from the laser rifle to another firearm, the texture pattern on the NPC's bow gun changes from the modded cpeg...
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    Zinyak Force Shield

    Hello, Does anyone know where the image files for the riot shield or Zinyak Force Shield are located. I found the pack files for the Riot Shield in both the preload_items.vpp_pc and items.vpp_pc, but the file only contains the following files and no cpeg: riotshield_simple.csmesh_pc...
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    Toilet to Headless Super Matt

    Hello. Playing around with NPC files, I tried to make Matt Miller's Sim suit into a player suit by swapping files between his and the "Toilet" suit. The suit transferred successfully but my player's head is invisible. The "Toilet" suit was the only suit or outfit I could find with the following...
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    Superman Mod

    Hope you enjoyed the video. Things still needed for the mod's completion: Cape for Superman: This one's on loan as an image variation of Admixon's Dracula Cape. I am not a 3D model maker, so anyone with the tools, skills, and desire to make a good generic cape for the game would be greatly...
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    Mech Suit Weapon Image

    Does anyone know where this image for the Mech Suit Weapon is located, and if it can be swapped out for something else?
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    Superman suit

    Hello. Here is my Superman suit mod. It's the suit only, minus the cape. The cape you see in the shots is an image variant I made of Admixon's Dracula Cape (cpeg files). The cape is great (check it out) but not mine to give out in any form. For the suit, just extract the zip file, place it in...
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    Up In The Sky

    Here are some screenshots of my Superman mod using Admixon's Dracula Cape and the generic hero costume. All credit to the cape mod goes to Admixon, who graciously gave me permission to share this variant of the mod's image. I just altered the cpeg file images, the best that I could. Enjoy;).
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    Blast animation

    Hello. Does anyone know where the "blast" animation is and what it's called? You know, that animation where your character's right hand launches (or throws) either a freeze, fire, or bling blast vfx? I've already searched weapons, superpowers, unlockable tables (etc.) and I can't locate the...
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    Swapping Enemy Gang NPCs with other in-game NPCs

    Does anyone know if it is possible to swap enemy gang npcs with other npcs from the game? I had seen in a thread on the "Freckle Bitch's Gangstyle Mod" how Homie gang npcs could be swapped by changing the cmeshx, morphx, pcmx, and simx files of the npc you want to change (cha.xtbl files only)...
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    Can't find NPC textures with tools

    Hello. Can anyone provide some advice on how to find NPC textures with SR2 tools because I think I must be doing something wrong or missing another step, file, or tool. I'm trying to get to the in-game textures of NPCs in Saints Row 2 but I'm coming up empty. I've followed the instructions for...
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    Monster Mod

    Is it possible to make monster NPCs for SR2 other than the zombies or at least change the textures of the zombies (or other gang NPCs) to resemble monsters? Ones like vampires, werewolves, etc.
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    GOOH Billboard Texture Toolkit

    If possible, can someone create a billboard texture toolkit for GOOH or at least make the SRIV toolkit compatible with GOOH? Thanks.
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    Repacking and installing a Misc.vpp_pc file mod

    Hello. I need a little guidance with a mod I'm working on. I unpacked the GOOH misc.vpp_pc file, in order to change a texture inside of a cpeg file within. My problem is, I don''t see any asm file that I would usually use to update the vpp file with. Is there one? If not (if so) what do I do...
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    SOLVED GAT's Combat Knife Mesh

    Hello, does anyone know where Gat's combat knife str2_pc file is located? Can't find it in the items.vpp_pc file, unless it's named something else. UPDATE: Disregard; found it in items_preload_containers.