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  1. MegaFreeman

    Agents of Mayhem Official Font

    This font isn't really common around, I only ever hosted it on my Tumblr blog, but decided to post it here too in case anyone was ever looking for it or needed it. The font is official and made by Volition, it was ripped from the old 2016 Agents of Mayhem website using the Inspect Element option.
  2. MegaFreeman

    How To Add New Simple Re-textured Clothing (beginners guide)

    Hello everyone, my name is MegaFreeman and today I will be teaching you how to retexture clothing in Saints Row IV and then add it as brand new items to the game. This one is based on Flippy's own video tutorial, but updated to support Workshop Patch. Keep in mind this is made for simple...
  3. MegaFreeman

    Male Retextured - Body Hair

    This mod re-textures the default body for the male Boss so it contains body hair on it. Mod comes with three different variants of the body hair for you to choose from: CHEST, CHEST & TRAIL, FULL TORSO/FRONT, FUZZ AND FULL BODY FUZZ. Steam Workshop Links CHEST CHEST + TRAIL FULL TORSO FUZZ...
  4. MegaFreeman

    Modding Cutscenes

    Has anyone figured out how to mod cutscenes in Saints Row The Third? I did figure out how to export and edit their files, but I didn't figure out how to pack them back into .str2_pc since the only .asm file in the cutscenes.vpp_pc is cutscene_containers.asm_pc, but when I try to use that file as...
  5. MegaFreeman

    Clothing retexture error

    I am trying my hand at retexturing a cloned item in Saints Row IV and I am experiencing this problem where it shows in-game only the top part of the outfit as reskinned while the bottom part is grey. The suit is divided into lower and upper part. While the upper part is working fine, I do not...