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  1. XLegendary BossX

    Demon Kingdom

    Description: + Hell Nitro + Car fire exhaust (Ghost Rider flame effect) affects every car (world) + Burnout Fx is inciter Orb + The Devil's Advocate Wings Use car repair cheat or Sandbox to repair vehicle I'll probably make an alternative version Screenshot:
  2. XLegendary BossX

    Unethical Kawaii

    I was trying to max out effects on vehicles and kept changing and changing effects. I can't seem to change more without it affecting other effects. Description: Changes Shot Gun muzzle Rpg trail Car exhaust (world has the effect) Nitro FX Car burnout Hubcap FX Flame thrower Car blowing up FX...
  3. XLegendary BossX

    FX for Super Powers

    Description: Effects for Super Run (Sandbox+ required) For players that play as Super Heroes/Villains Required: Super Ethical Pack v4.0 Remastered Loose Lua Packfile Patch Video tutorial: Activate Super Powers (crouch) + ; (semicolon) OR (crouch) + Insert key Screenshots...
  4. XLegendary BossX

    Saints Row 2 SweetFX

    Saints Row 2 SweetFX Press "Scroll key" to turn ON / OFF Highly Recommended: Saints Row 1 Texture Pack for Saints Row 2 v3 SR2 HQ Texture Pack v1.07 File #2 Chunks and Pegs SR2 Alternate Time of Day v7 Screenshots: Credits VIPER VENOM
  5. XLegendary BossX

    Reshade Preset

    Description: Reshade Preset (tested on version 5.4.2) During "NOON" if you want more bloom Re-Check the "Sunset Filter FX" Screenshots: Installation Guide: 1. Download Reshade and install 2. Download my Reshade configuration settings 3. Place my reshade configuration...
  6. XLegendary BossX

    Extended Taunts

    Custom Taunts and Compliments Saints Row 3 Mod, deleted some of the animations making the game crash. 100% Credit to: mrturkleton All I did was delete some animations Last seen Sep 14, 2013:eek:
  7. XLegendary BossX

    Custom Nitro FX

    Description: Nitro Effects added Place "effects" in your Main Saints Row 3 Remastered Directory (where your Game Launcher is) Screenshots: Purple Haze Genki Nitro Deckers Nitro Morningstar Nitro Ultra Decker Nitro: Same as Deckers Nitro but with another FX added Blaze Nitro
  8. XLegendary BossX

    Wicca Aurora

    Description: DARK INCITER ORB SHIELD Effect + When Running + When Flying For Female Characters Only It works for male characters.... (it's working for me) I think you need all the running & flying upgrades Used with No Wings MOD Mods Required + No Wings MOD Screenshots Video:
  9. XLegendary BossX

    Flying Vehicle Formula

    For: Sr3, Sr3 remastered, Sr4 & Gooh Turn any vehicle into an "Airplane" 1) You need a vehicle XTBL file 2) Edit with Notepad Edit: Category and Group (for airplanes) <Category>Airplanes</Category> <Group>Airplane</Group> 3) Delete everything after: <Display_Name>example</Display_Name> 4) Copy...
  10. XLegendary BossX

    Gat & Kinzie in the Temple of BOOM!

    Game Idea: It would be cool to see Gat and Kinzie in another miss adventure together. This time Gat and Kinzie time travel to the past to stop Zinyak from blowing up the world. Kinzie, Matt and Oleg invent a time machine. Gat volunteers and Kinzie joins in to make sure there's a successful...
  11. XLegendary BossX

    Custom Notoriety Battles

    Do not use Flying Cars. Enemies will not spawn. Garbage Truck is OK to use. Description: Night Of The Nephilim + Level 2 fight 3 Arch Dukes + Level 2 Summon Spires spawn and help + Level 3 More Arch Dukes and also Titans spawn and help + Level 5 a chance of 3 Arch Dukes spawning and Titans...
  12. XLegendary BossX

    All Vehicles Nitro Enabled

    Description: All Vehicles now have Nitro All vehicles have reduced angular damping Ambulance Atlasbreaker (monster truck) Melbourne (motorcycle) Bear Churchill Halberd (comet) Torch Taxi Status Quo (Limo) Stilwater Municipal (garbage truck) (optional) Nitro FX MOD (add FX to nitro) Custom...
  13. XLegendary BossX

    Custom Nitro FX

    Description Holy Nitro + The nitro has Blue trails FX Hell Nitro + The nitro has large flames FX Phantom Nitro + The Nitro has summon imp glow trail Does not leave blue trails like Holy Nitro Where Is the Love? + Pink Nitro + Hearts on top of car during nitro hit Rocket Nitro + Rocket Booster...
  14. XLegendary BossX

    Custom Wings FX and Movement

    Description: Compassion Wings + Removed Fire Tail (when running) + Removed Shield (when running) + Wings Shoot Hearts + When jumping then landing spawns a pink heart + Running there's hearts (lacking) + Removed Smoke FX from Wings HellBoy Wings + Removed Fire Tail (when running) + Removed...
  15. XLegendary BossX

    The Flying Garbage Man

    Description + The Garbage Truck is now an airplane + vehicle spawns in the city + vehicle now has nitro Screenshots --> CREDITS <-- rastaman289 Povibi Installation drag and drop "truck_2dr_garbage01_veh" in your main GOOH directory
  16. XLegendary BossX

    Gooh Life (Preset)

    Installation Guide 1. Download Reshade and install Reshade 2. Download my Reshade configuration settings 3. Place my reshade configuration settings (ini) where your game launcher is 4. Start The Game 5. Press the (Home key) to bring up the menu settings 6. On the very top click on the blue...
  17. XLegendary BossX

    Compilation The Last Judgment

    The Last Judgment MOD Changes Done + Almost all Demons have been replaced with the lamb mascot NPC + Lamb Mascots arrive driving a Churchill or Motorcycles + Grenadiers only use Plasma Rifles and Grenades + More Legionnaires now spawn + 8 imps spawn at a time instead of 3 + Spires Spawn on Last...
  18. XLegendary BossX

    Improved Thompson

    Description + more armor + no more character " T " animation (animation fixed) + now vehicle has sounds (torch car engine sounds) + little boost on elevating Required MODs V6 - Cheats + Phone + Store menu in Gat out of Hell Additional Cheats (Saints Row IV ports) Vehicle Camera required (any...
  19. XLegendary BossX


    Description + Retro Rocket is now an airplane + more armor + little nitro boost Screenshots --> CREDITS <-- rastaman289 Povibi Fan of Saints Notes: This is a DLC vehicle (DLC required) Find the vehicle in the Rift in the hanger selection Installation drag and drop "sp_charity_dlc_veh" in...
  20. XLegendary BossX

    The Flying Dutchman

    Description + The pirate ship is now an airplane + more armor + homies can now fire from inside vehicle + nitro Screenshots --> CREDITS <-- rastaman289 Povibi Fan of Saints Notes: This is a DLC vehicle (DLC required) Find the vehicle in the Rift in the hanger selection Installation drag and...