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  1. Beyonce

    Stop the Community Divide

    The OG fan vs New fan/Reboot fan discourse and nonsense going on is so stupid. At the end of the day we all played a game with the name Saints Row in the title.
  2. Beyonce

    The SR Community Should Treat the Developers Better. Seriously.

    To start this off, I just want it to be known that I'm all for holding developers accountable when they make questionable decisions. However in this situation, that's not the case. ⚜️ Ever since the newest Saints Row game was announced, there has been a wave of constant disrespect toward the...
  3. Beyonce

    Bey's Art Thread

    💜Hey everyone I'm Bey! You can call me Lil too, either is fine. A couple of my friends here recommended that I post my art here since I enjoy drawing Saints Row stuff among other things. I have two bosses who currently co-run the Saints named Domonic and Brianna. I'll also post my other...