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  1. MasakoTeam

    Everything explodes

    A follow up to my Saints row 2 mod: Everything explodes. This turns every destructable world object into an explosive.
  2. MasakoTeam

    Unused mission objective restoration

    Mod is aimed at restoring cut mission/stronghold objectives and features. I am going to color mission names in this page. Red - there's something that I am still to look at in the games files. Green - I am pretty much done with this mission. Blue - Cant fully restore it due to missing code...
  3. MasakoTeam

    Zombie Player

    This mod places the special flags that the zombies have to the player, making the player behave like a zombie. You can attack using right mouse click, and trying to grab some people as hostages will instantly make the player do the zombie bite attack. Note that the mod is still early and buggy...
  4. MasakoTeam

    Cutscene interiors for Sandbox+

    This mod spawns all of the cutscene interiors on the map so that they can be finally visited, also it is modded on top of Fan Of Saints Sandbox+ so that the interiors can be viewed using the camera freeroam mode by pressing R + HOME. Since most of them are located beyond city limits. Even...
  5. MasakoTeam

    Hidden cutscene Interiors

    This mod will let you visit some cutscene interiors , more are still yet to come. How to get to the locations are in the video. Locations at these time stamps. 0:00 Stilwater bridge 1:19 DLC 3 location 1 2:27 DLC 3 location 2 4:16 Senate building 5:28 DLC 2 Cutscene interior 7:48 Jail cell...
  6. MasakoTeam

    Everyone in cutscenes has a surprised face

    The mod will make everyones face surprised in the regular cutscenes, activities cutscenes not included, but Donnie in the second Ronin cutscene is included.
  7. MasakoTeam

    Everything explodes

    The mod will set almost every object in-game to explode upon destruction, causing major chain reactions. ****************************** ****************************** ****************************** Install using Gentlemen of the Row...
  8. MasakoTeam

    Warps to some cutscene interiors

    Mod adds a objectiveless stronghold mission that has warps to some cutscene interiors: The two insurance fraud interiors; Matts concert hall: The caffe from the pyramid cutscene; The locker room. ****************************** ******************************
  9. MasakoTeam

    Fly under the mainland, visit cutscene interiors 1.0v

    The mod moves the saucer that is from Gentlemen of the Row's , Rounds Square Shopping Center to the Pyramid , from there you can just fly up into the dark void and fly under the map. ****************************** ****************************** If the saucer doesn't appear then just...
  10. MasakoTeam

    Ultor Rising

    Help Ultor take over Stilwater and fix the gang problem once and for all. ****************************** ****************************** Changelog for 1.8.7 ****************************** Changelog for 1.8.6 ****************************** Changelog for 1.8.5 ****************************** 3...