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  1. hoeward

    Left 4 Dead 2 is FREE

    Yeah, You can grab Left 4 Dead 2 for free in the Steam Store. And its gone. The store. Its gone.
  2. hoeward

    Penetrater Upgrade-list is empty

    I don't have any weapon mods installed. EDIT: I just realized that I spelled Penetrator wrong.
  3. hoeward

    Saints Row IV Porting from SR:TT to IV.

    Hello, My question is: What do I need to port fo example : Angel ? I already took his content in character.xtbl, character_definitions.xtbl and his model files from the characters.vpp_pc and entered it into IV's. He spawns invisible. Why? Did I miss something?
  4. hoeward

    HTSSC Bug - The Box Part

    When you are going in Coop into the boxes in Santas Workshop, one player and Santa won't have a box above them.
  5. hoeward

    HTSSC - Model Swap

    Here I am again! This is basically another variation of the EtD one, but this time with several HTSSC Models! Besides that it replaces the skinny Santa-Homie with the normal fat one. The mod is already in Mod Releases, but I'll upload it completely to a later time when I found a workaround for...
  6. hoeward

    Saints Row IV Update broke a character flag

    Hello, After the EtD-Update the entire 'velociraptor' flag isn't working in freeroam anymore. You can mount the NPC but the NPC won't move anymore. Are there any possibilities to make it work again?
  7. hoeward

    hoeward and Troglodyte - A untold Lovestory

    Nothing to see here anymore.
  8. hoeward

    Enter the Dominatrix: Model Swap

    Hello there, This mod replaces the rather useless homie called 'Ned' with a more useful feature. Installation: Put the 'preload_anim.vpp_pc' into packfiles/pc/cache. Put the XTBL's into the SR:IV Root folder. FAQ: Q: I don't have a 'Ned' Homie in my Phone! A: Buy EtD and complete it.
  9. hoeward

    SPOILERS Saints Row IV - UI Homie Icons

    I already looked around everywhere, and couldn't find them. I thought they would be in the interface.vpp_pc, but they aren't. Could you tell me where they are?
  10. hoeward

    Warden Transformation

    Hey, This Mod has the intention to transform you into a Warden. What is todo: Fix anything What is working: Warden Model Animations The Phone Strings What is bugged: The DoA is bugged, The Camera needs tweaks (IDK how), The Gun 'Special-WardenHadouken' isn't working somehow. Screenshots...
  11. hoeward

    Installing Mods different.

    Hey, My question is: Is it possible to add all of those .xtbl files into a seperate folder inside the SR:IV root folder? I like it structured and all of those .xtbl files I installed really destroy the clarity. clarity
  12. hoeward

    Coop - Matt Rescue (Simulation)

    Well I get the following problem when playing the Matt Rescue game in Coop with a friend of mine:
  13. hoeward

    Rescue Pierce Mission [Co-Op]

    Hey, umm.. a small bug, but hey. After the 'Rescue Mission' of Pierce with Paul in Co-Op which worked pretty nice btw not any freeze in the loading screen! I had a weird thing IN my Arm.
  14. hoeward

    Enable Takedown's

    I would like a Mod to enable that takedown feature from the first mission and Asha's Loyalty Mission, to be enabled in freeroam.
  15. hoeward

    Death from Above into the Water

    Hey, If you do a Death from Above into the Water, you'll just fly through it into the infinite blue-nothing.
  16. hoeward


    I would like to have the Homie's hadouken, as a player. I already found the unlockables for them, tho.
  17. hoeward


    I found the Hadouken-Weapon files inside -> weapon_costumes, and weapons.xtbl. Any way to add them to the inventory, or something? inside the unlockables ->
  18. hoeward

    Rescue Johnny Gat - Co-Op

    Hey, Me and my friend were playing that mission in Co-Op. Bug #1 : The Co-Op Player was the only one receiving the Mech Suit, even after restart. Bug #2 : When finding Johnny(after Sidescroller) - The game just loads infinitely like in Pierce's Simulation Mission.
  19. hoeward

    Saints Row IV Zimos

    Hey, I found connections to Zimos inside the unlockables.txt including his model, but he isnt inside the characters.xtbl EDIT: I found out that he is cut. Also -> I found several characters inside the characters.xtbl which are from SR:TT, but some of them crash the game on spawn. for...
  20. hoeward

    ViceKings -> Alien Kills

    This bug appears on the Benjamin King Rescue Mission, If you kill Vice-Kings the Game gives you -> 'Alien Kill's.