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  1. Voltarox

    Saints Row IV Reading & Interpreting Crash/Dump .MDMP Files

    The crash/dump .mdmp file that is generated in SRIV when it crashes is a usefull file for figuring out modding problems.:cool: Many of us here have submitted .mdmp files for the good people at Volition to decipher for us and many thanks to them for their help.;) Understandably the Volition...
  2. Voltarox

    SRTT Phoenix Decals Mod

    This mod for Saints Row The Third ( SRTT ) modifies the decals for the car Phoenix that replaces the shapes on the hood with lightning bolts and replaces the text decal ( Phoenix ) with a V wing emblem. -------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------...
  3. Voltarox

    Texture for the Grave Digger Shotgun

  4. Voltarox

    Saints Row: The Third Disabling head turning animation in I.A.D. player character face editing

    Creating or editing the player character's face in I.A.D. ( Image As Designed ) is very time consuming when the head keeps moving left and right while adjusting the sliders.:( Is there a way to disable the turning head animation so that editing the player character's face in I.A.D. can be more...
  5. Voltarox

    Changing the Music that plays in the Stores

    Is there a way to change which music files that are played in the stores ? For example, editing the file for Rim Jobs to play the music from Rustys Needles. Which file contains the scripts that states which music plays in the stores ? Any help, hints or pointers would be very much...
  6. Voltarox

    Disabling Stepping Back when Throwing Grenades and Satchel Charges

    Is there a way to stop, prevent or disable the player character from taking a step backwards when using thrown weapons such as grenades and satchel charges ?:confused: ( including all thrown weapons: molotov cocktails / FIAJ / electric shock grenades ) The throwing animation is OK but after...
  7. Voltarox

    SRTT/SRIV - Removing all Utility Poles, wires and non destroyable trees.

    The city environment in SteelPort for SRTT and SRIV has some very well done details that include a wide variety of differant sized trees that sway in the wind and cast shadows, plus it has many utility poles with wires attached that also cast shadows, which from a visual point of view is a very...
  8. Voltarox

    F-69 VTOL SRTT/SRIV Decals-Textures-Animations-Physics

    The F-69 VTOL that is in SRTT and SRIV is one of the sharpest aircraft ever seen in the gaming world and one of the main reasons why I purchaced these games. ( SRTT and SRIV ) I am a 3D modeler and have created a fleet of futuristic air/space vehicles inluding the object geometries, textures...
  9. Voltarox

    SRIV - GUNS - New Skins Mod

    I have been working on a mod that modifies the skin textures for some SRIV guns that gives them a dark blue base with shiny chrome accents which is the basic color theme but I don't have a name for this style as of yet. Below are the skins that are almost done and as you view them, please...
  10. Voltarox

    SRIV - PUMP SHOTGUN - New Skin Texture

    The SRIV PUMP SHOTGUN ( Deacon 12-Gauge ) is a nice gun mainly used by the Saints homies and is especially fun when fully upgraded. I'm not sure if anyone here has made a modified skin for it yet so I gave it a try. This is still a work in progress and your thoughts, comments and suggestions...
  11. Voltarox

    SRIV - HEAVY SMG - New Skin Texture

    The "Heavy SMG" has a few skins that can be customized at Friendly Fire and you can get the "Decker Style SMG" from an excellent mod done by gameqube in the SRIV mods section. Here's a version of the Heavy SMG that I started working on. Please let me know what you think about it...
  12. Voltarox

    SRIV SHOKOLOV AR - New Skin Texture

    The SHOKOLOV AR ( Assault Rifle ) for SRIV has some nice skins that can be acquired from the Friendly Fire store and also from an excellent texture mod made by gameqube that is in the SRIV mods section. So I gave it a try and made a skin texture for the SHOKOLOV AR shown below. Here's a...
  13. Voltarox

    New Skin Texture for the K-8 KRUKOV ( Gang Machine Gun )

    The K-8 KRUKOV ( Gang Machine Gun ) is one of the best weapons in SRTT, especially the level 4 upgrade with the attached grenade launcher. It is a weapon that I use frequently and also most of the gang grunts. I'm not sure if anyone here has done a skin retexture for it so I made a version that...
  14. Voltarox

    Customizing the SRIV SteelPort Female Hero Suit

    You are probably familiar with the SteelPort female hero suit that is in the store Let's Pretend that can only be purchased as an entire outfit ( top + bottom combined ) in SRIV. ( SteelPort female hero suit from SRTT shown below ) I was able to customize the top for the female (...
  15. Voltarox

    Saints Row IV Editing NPC Specular Values

    Is it possible to edit the NPC specular values to reduce the lighting reflectivity or shininess of thier clothes in order to render an even tone ( a non reflective or matt surface ) that matches the same specular value of their skin ? Or just give the NPC model an overall uniform specular...
  16. Voltarox

    New Female NPC in SRIV ?

    SRIV has a few new NPC models and there is one female NPC that I would like to identify. ( <Character><Name>npc_ped_?_fw</Name> ) Does anyone know the name of the NPC shown below ? Thank you.:D
  17. Voltarox

    Genki-cops, natguards & gangs

    I'm working on a SRIV mod that replaces all the cops, national guards, aliens and most of the NPCs with differant colored Genkis. The Genki texture was edited to make him appear as if he is either tired, drunk, stoned or suave and sporting a polkadotted bowtie.:p The alien teleport spawn...
  18. Voltarox

    Steam & SRTT - NOT Launching

    I have the FULL ligitimate version of Steam & SRTT and have been playing it with no problems untill today. Now when I double click the Steam icon on my desktop, nothing happens and the same with the SRTT icon too. I haven't changed anything on my pc and Microsoft Security Essentials shows no...
  19. Voltarox

    Unpacking all .str2_pc within a folder - batch file

    Is it possible to create a batch file that would unpack every .str2_pc archive that is within a folder ? @ IdolNinja - You created a batch file that unpacks all of the .gvbm and .cvbm files contained within a folder when these 2 files are dropped into that folder, as follows below...
  20. Voltarox

    How to force the Attrazione to spawn

    I am no advanced Saints Row The Third modding expert, ( still in the learning & discovering stage ) but in order to help in the quest to help others and share some SR3 modding info, I can contribute this basic modding procedure that will enable the Attrazione exotic sports car to spawn in...