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  1. Admixon

    WORKSHOP Mini Sandbox+

    The thread you linked is very old (created before I made my Sandbox+ mod). Use Mini Sandbox+ instead
  2. Admixon

    Boss Factory modding

    Unpacked files look nothing like in previous SR games so there's no xtbl files or they're well hidden. Also some of the files have a new format and can't be opened with the AoM tool
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    Admixon's Art Thread

    2021 | Venom Classic time machine
  4. Admixon

    Things To Do In Steelport - Family-Friendly Edition
  5. Admixon

    SPOILERS Saints Row (2022) official info

    Not worth it. They're nothing special + there's no audio in them so you basically don't know what's going on. I'd wait for the final game and watch them myself
  6. Admixon

    Question for staff

    Nah, everyday I have to deal with spam bots
  7. Admixon

    SPOILERS Saints Row (2022) official info

    Well it's not really a big secret because cutscenes from the final game are in the demo files but yea, they contain spoilers and please don't post anything you found there (okay, you can post it after August 23 lol)
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    Question for staff

    What? You mean what are the profits of being the forums admin? None.
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    Zin homie(Zinjai+Zinyak) and zin outfits from SR IV

    Zinbean is asking for a mod for the new SR game, not SR4
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    Forum changes and updates

    We updated Terms and rules
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    is majority of saints row reboot criticism unreasonable?

    Just tell your co-op partner to not use it because it ruins the fun and that's it.
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    Compilation Things To Do In Dominatrix - Family-Friendly Edition

    There's a big thing called --> HOW TO INSTALL? <--
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    Help The Website

    It would be great to have more modders.
  14. Admixon


    Won't the map editing be very limited? I know this game has a lot of limits, you can't add many new entries to xtbls, you can't add too many high-res textures because the game starts to bug (disappearing chunks). Have you figure out how to increase the limits?
  15. Admixon

    Anyone know the texture file for the Phone When you open the Map?
  16. Admixon

    SR1 Save Editor

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    A lot of cubes
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    Saints Row Sales

    Saints Row 2 is 75% off on Steam: Saints Row The Third is 50% off on Steam: Saints Row The Third Remastered is 65% off on Steam...