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  1. _eb_

    [SR2] GOG Shaundi Loadscreen v1.0.1

    This simple mod change the new-game loading screen with the Shaundi one found as goodies/wallpapers in the GOG version of the game. The texture itself sized at 1280x768. Installation: 01 -- Gentlemen of the Row -- extract the zipped archive and put both G_/PEC_PC files to...
  2. _eb_

    Visuals & Graphics Normal maps support?

    Does the game support normal maps? Only wondering if it does since some games released years before has it [though with different engine]. Granted, didn't see any significant implementation of it here [which might just say it isn't supported]. Much thanks for considering this. Cheers.
  3. _eb_

    Visuals & Graphics Shoes on "...bandages off..."

    Howdy, Saints! Is it possible to put the shoes on at the "...take the bandages off..." cutscene early in the game, this one if anyone's wondering -- If yes, then can anyone help me by creating one? I'd appreciate as well if you can elaborate on how to make it if one had to do it them self...
  4. _eb_

    BarkString for [TALK TO] Conversation on the Ship

    Hi, I'm new here - so apologize if it's not placed at the right section of the forums. Also didn't see if it has been requested before so I go with it. I asked if it's feasible for a mod/setup to make the cutscene for TALK TO conversation on the ship from this -- to this -- Simply because it...