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    Currently working on a couple weapon mods but I can't get them to work properly. Can anyone help me?

    Hey it's me, no I'm not dead, again. I'm currently trying my hands at making a couple weapon mods for Saints Row IV, for the eight hundredth time lol. So far everything seems to be going smoothly and I did make sure to follow Henry08's SRIV SDK Release B: Creating new weapon tutorial step by...

    SOLVED Please delete this thread, thank you in advance :) .

    Hello again, I hope you all are doing well! Real quickly here I currently trying to make a weapons mod for...well...Saints Row IV. I am trying to add in the M1918 B.A.R rifle as new rifle you can get. I did manage to add it in but the problem is now that when ever I go to Friendly Fire to try...

    SOLVED Model Problem Is Solved But I Now Need Help My Textures Not Showing In The Game

    Hey this is Nerd Broski, I have been having problem with the SDK converter. I am trying to convert my FBX model that I rigged in Maya 2015 but the only files I have been getting are the cpeg and gpeg files and nothing else. I dunno if it is because the model I am trying to convert is too large...

    How Do I Use An Existing (OBJ) Model's Textures Instead Of Making New Ones

    Heyo it me. I just have a couple question when it comes to a OBJ model I am trying to use for my next mod. I am currently in the middle of making the model fit around the the basic player models in Saints Row 4. But before that I quickly exported the scaled down model (Player Size) into Maya...

    SOLVED Just Wondering How To Backup A Save File Into A RAR File

    Just wondering if it is possible to back up save files into any files so I can upload it into my google drive. Is it even possible?

    Just Some Mod Ideas I Would Love To See In Saints Row 2 (#WARNING: NERDISH AS HELL#)

    Hey guys! I am a HUGE Saints Row fan and I started playing Saints Row back with Saints Row 3 (Yes....I know the one where the series went down the toilet). By far my favorite game of the series has to be....well....Saints Row 2. And I recently have gotten the PC version of this on Steam and I...