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  1. [V] IdolNinja

    Saints Row 2 Calling all Gentlemen of the Row modders! (SR2 PC update)

    Rise from your graves! Word has come down from the powers-that-be to approve adding in some community fixes and tweaks to the upcoming Saints Row 2 PC Steam patch! I am currently reviewing this additional content with Volition Studio Development Director Jim Boone, and I would like to credit...
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    Agents of Mayhem v1.05 Patch Notes

    Patch v1.05 is out now on PC, and coming to consoles a little a later today. NEW FEATURES · All Agent vehicles are now equipped with a weapon that fires a circular shockwave, affecting nearby vehicles and people. It can be activated with: PS4 – Circle button, Xbox/PC gamepad – B...
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    Agents of Mayhem Reddit AMA

    Design Director Anoop Shekar, Sr Designer Ryan McCabe, and Sr Producer Kate Nelson answered fan questions earlier in the Agents of Mayhem AMA (Ask Me Anything) Reddit thread:
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    Agents of Mayhem at E3 2017

    E3 Streams and interviews coverage Alienware stream with Anoop Shekar and Eric Arnold 12 minutes of gameplay 1080p IGN Gamestop interview with Anoop Anoop AOM demo with PlayStation Nvidia - Designing the Characters of AOM w/ Sr Designer Ryan McCabe Gamespot - Gameplay demo Youtube Gaming...
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    Agents of Mayhem Oni items (GOG version)

    This official mod went live on Steam Workshop today, but we also wanted to offer it to GOG users who don't have Steam Workshop. Simply place the attached .vpp_pc file where you have Saints Row IV installed in: ..\Saints Row IV\mods\ This mod includes the following customization items at Planet...
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    [Steam Workshop] Agents of Mayhem items for SRIV

    We just released some free content for Workshop. Thanks to @flow754 for all his hard work on this!
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    Agents of Mayhem Volition stream today

    We're doing an AOM stream at 2pm PDT today (Thursday April 6) :
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    WORKSHOP Saints Row IV Steam Workshop modding contest!

    Deep Silver and Volition are holding a contest for the best new Saints Row IV PC Steam Workshop mods, and giving away some gaming hardware courtesy of Corsair and Intel! Three first place hardware prize packages will...
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    Saints Row IV SRIV Weapon Reload controller fix is live

    We pushed build 1498298 that fixes a bug where X on a controller would not reload weapons.
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    WORKSHOP SR4 Workshop Upload Tool fixed

    There was an issue with users getting a Steam API error when trying to use the SR4 Upload Content Tool. This issue was a holdover from the the modding beta where users would need to request a key from Minimaul to have access to it. Restrictions have been removed so that it will now work for...
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    WORKSHOP Modding patch save game fix incoming

    For those having problems saving their game after the new modding/Workshop patch, we have identified the issue and building a new patch to release. It will likely hit tomorrow (Thursday.)
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    WORKSHOP Steam workshop public launch!

    Saints Row IV Steam Workshop is live!
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    Working with Table Files for Steam Workshop

    Steam workshop supports modifying the following tables: items3d.xtbl will be parsed and we will look for items_containers.asm_pc and items_preload_containers.asm_pc. Any weapons.xtbl will be parsed. Any weapon_upgrades.xtbl will be parsed. Any weapon_costumes.xtbl will be parsed and we will...
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    Getting Started with Steam Workshop

    Welcome! Welcome to Saints Row IV modding for Steam Workshop! This thread will get you started with the basics on creating weapons, clothing, scripts, and other gameplay changes. The modding community here at saintsrowmods is an incredibly friendly bunch, and are always happy to help with any...
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    IGN in-depth narrated AOM video

    New gameplay footage with narration from Jason Blair and featuring more info about Seoul, enemies, and Agent progression and customization:
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    AOM E3 Gameplay schedule

    Just a note that the first AOM gameplay will hit on Tuesday June 14. I'll post an exact streaming schedule in this thread once I have it. EDIT: Here's the full AOM E3 live schedule! Tuesday, June 14 IGN - 11:40 AM Pacific Time, 20:40 CEST, 7:40 PM BST Twitch - 12:00 PM...
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    Agents of Mayhem gameplay details!

    Don't let the article title scare you. ;) E3 2016: Agents of Mayhem Mixes Overwatch, Saints Row, and Crackdown – IGN First
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    Agents of Mayhem chat with Volition today

    Stream starting up in about 50 minutes at 2pm PST. We'll be chatting about the game and answering questions.
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    How to run a custom SRIV gameplay script

    NOTE: This tutorial only works for the new Modding Patch and Steam Workshop support. If you haven't already signed up to beta test, you'll want to do that first. HOW TO RUN A CUSTOM SRIV GAMEPLAY SCRIPT...
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    Breaking news on the future of Volition!

    This is an official announcement. Due to the widespread failure of our fans to spell our name correctly, we have decided to go with the (Saints) flow and change the spelling of our studio from “Volition” to “Violation.” We are also considering changing the name “Saints Row” to “Saint’s Row” for...