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  1. Superman

    Agents of Mayhem livestream tidbits (for those who missed it)

    NOT a saints row game but has influences AoM is a universe where the Saints (the organization, not the people) NEVER existed “some of the fun is, where did [the saints] end up? how do they function in this new world?” Genki ended up on public-access television in AoM, Retcon ending in GoH...
  2. Superman

    Disable Powers Mod?

    Can't be that hard right?
  3. Superman

    Two words. Judas. Priest.

    This better be on the Krunch radio station. I just realized how much it fits. :eek: BTW what other songs do you think they should add? More satan related stuff?
  4. Superman

    Steam friends

    I wasn't sure if their was an actual place on the forums for this but, since IV is coming up soon I figured I would start getting some steam friends on my list so that we can play when it comes out. Everyone feel free to add me. EDIT: completely forgot to put my steam name in here. But if...
  5. Superman

    Even more preorder bonuses!?

    I don't know if this is old or not. But I saw nothing of this on these fourms so I figure it went over everyone's heads.