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  1. Bennie

    Shorts Leggings Retexture

    Can someone retexture the “Shorts Leggings” to have shinier and softer looking leggings, and that aren’t as dark so they could be properly colored? That’d be cool.
  2. Bennie

    Game Freezes For No Apparent Reason

    So no clue why, the game was running fine when I bought it, but around a few days later it started randomly freezing and then never unfreezing, resulting in me having to constantly restart the game over and over again, this happens with no mods and with mods, my drivers are up to date, I have an...
  3. Bennie

    Actual Lingerie/Socks/Stockings type of clothing

    I'd love a mod that would add shoes in the game that have stockings or socks with them that go up to knee high and above, it seems to be possible but no such mod exists, if it's not possible at all then I am personally sorry for this request to anyone because I am not that knowledgeable when it...