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    Eric Gryphon voice actor

    Hi guys I was checking the Saints Row wiki and it used to say Clancy Brown voiced Eric Gryphon but now it is saying that was put by an erroneous user. Does anyone know who actually voiced Eric his voice sounds familiar but I can't place it.
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    Modding consoles

    Forgive my ignorance in advance as I am completely ignorant of how to make mods anyways. However I always thought that it was impossible to make mods on consoles as they could only be done on PCs. Then I saw this video. Apparently some people made mods or Saints Row 1 which is an Xbox 360...
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    Ronin Tornado

    Hey guys I have long been trying to get the Ronin Tornado with my Ronin themed character Mitsuko. My gamer tag is Maria Avalon on X-Box 360 and I will be grateful to anyone who wishes to help me out.
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    Ronin Yellow and Samedi Green for vehicles

    Hi guys I was wondering I was actually thinking of creating some Ronin and Samedi themed vehicles for cars other then those used by the Gangs for two of my characters. One is Ronin Themed Mitsuko Akuji and the other is Samedi themed Sister Calypso. For clothes the colors of the gangs are clearly...
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    Ronin Yakuza rank

    Hi guys being as I was studying the ranks and hierarchy of the Yakuza I was wondering where the three members of the Ronin would fit. Obviously Kazuo Akuji is the Oyabun aka the leader of the Yakuza and Ronin Johnny Gat says as much during one of the Ronin missions. Would then say Shogo be the...
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    Saints Row 2 rumor

    Hey guys I actually heard there was going to be a planned third DLC to Saints Row 2 where you would actually follow and kill Dex? Is this actually true or just hearsay.
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    Saints Row Undercover questions

    Hi guys since there is no section for this proto game and since it was originally meant to be Saints Row 2 on the portable I thought I would do a Saints Row Undercover thread. I actually have some questions if nobody minds answering. My main question is does anyone know the storyline of the...
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    Looking for Co-Op person

    Hi guys I am looking for a Co-Op buddy to help me in getting the Ronin Tornado in the Humbolt Park Science Museum Stronghold for the Ronin. I will say this I do use cheats and I am also open for playing in other missions but I really need help for getting the Ronin Tornado. I play on the Xbox...
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    How to Make thread

    Hi guys this is my first thread here and I was wondering if anyone would be interested in posting some character recipes for Saints Row 2 and requests. Here are some requests I was wondering if people could make. One is Chinese Actress Gong Li...