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  1. ninemil

    EGS 7th patch introduced micro-stutter and a 67fps lock. Has anyone managed to fix either of these?

    So a while back, when the latest patch for the Remaster was deployed via EGS, I noticed it had introduced a horrific level of microstutter to the Remaster, as well as a full 50-70% FPS tank, each time I crossed district zones. I also read several posts and reports (DSOGaming website, for...
  2. ninemil

    Mouse & Keyboard: Sprinting makes agents handle like a car - any way to change this?

    No controller plugged in, Steam overlay disabled. Auto-target angle 0, snap to targets disabled. All tobi settings forced off. I notice that when an agent is sprinting, the camera vertical axis auto-levels, and strafe left and strafe right are overwritten by turn left, and turn right. This...