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  1. Huxley

    Character Customization ComradeJK's Anatomically Correct Female Textures

    About ComradeJK's Anatomically Correct Female Textures Can I have a version with the nipples where they are in the nipples cover bra?
  2. Huxley My Steelport character download tool

    Thanks a lot for your work.
  3. Huxley

    My impressions

    Ok, then I prefer a Saints Row mechanics game with superheroes.
  4. Huxley

    My impressions

    Ok, can you imagine a Saints Row game with these characters, plot, etc... I do... Now what do you prefer? Agents of Mayhem or Saints Row: Agents of Mayhem? Thats the point. I like Agents of Mayem but I cant avoid think about what a cool game would be a Saints Row: Agents of Mayhem. This game is...
  5. Huxley

    My impressions

    Why do you need say that? Have you read what I write? And THATS THE PROBLEM
  6. Huxley

    My impressions

    I have played a little this game and... the background with this SHIELD style superheroes organization is cool and the caracters are cool too but... its only a shooter :( I loved Saints Row. I know a lot of people said as a bad thing it was going to be another Saints Row but I would have loved...
  7. Huxley

    Agents Of Mayhem's Characters will be customizable?

    Im agree with customization... I love that... but Im afraid i have not the skills to make a characters who looks like me xD
  8. Huxley

    Going one-on-one with the brute

    I want play as a Brute :/
  9. Huxley

    Final mission help

    Sorry, I played that in PC a few days ago but it was ok, no problem. It looks a bug but I dont know why.
  10. Huxley

    Community alive?

    Are the people making mods yet? Is this game community alive? I was looking in the steam workshop but there is not a lot mods.
  11. Huxley

    How to uninstall

  12. Huxley

    How to uninstall

    Hi, I have installed a mod called Summer. I though it was to do something that really it doesnt (a natural daylight) Really Im not sure if this worked but I read it was only some textures. So I want to uninstall the mod but i dont know how. Thanks.
  13. Huxley


    I have played SRIV and now Im playing SRTT and Im frustrated because the fucking games have a lot of cool things but not in the way I would like play them. Why we cant have a city as the SRTT one with the superpowers from SRTT or in other words why we can have in SRIV the city without all that...
  14. Huxley

    Skin colors

    Any mod to get more skin colors?
  15. Huxley

    Costume glow

    How I unpack str2 archives?
  16. Huxley

    SRIV SDK Release B: Adding New Customization Items

    Thanks. Thats the one I was using. The problem was about the path. I fixed that editing the settings.json file in ThomasJeppSaintsRow-rev121. Thanks.
  17. Huxley

    SRIV SDK Release B: Adding New Customization Items

    Hello. Im trying to clone and I get this message: "excepción no controlada: System.ArgumentNullException: el valor no puede ser nulo"
  18. Huxley

    Costume glow

    How can I do that? Unpack the costume textures?
  19. Huxley

    Natural Daylight

    Any mod for natural daylight? Some options in the ship computer as classic are sunny days but they have greenish filters. Its ugly. Non natural.
  20. Huxley

    Fancy TODs

    I dont understand how can I use this.