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  1. NerdyKilljoy

    Playing Saints Row 2 full screen with GOTR???

    I have been told many many time that I can't play SR2 modded on full screen and have actually had a lot of crashes before finding out that it doesn't work. Well I am currently playing the game fully modded full screen. I would love to know if anyone else has managed this weird feat. I am shocked...
  2. NerdyKilljoy

    Interested in learning how to mod

    Hey there, I am here to learn how to mod SR2 in 2021. I want to know what the best tools are and as simple as can be description how to use them. I'd appreciate all the help and information I can get. My goal is to hopefully focus on clothing mods and graphics mods. Hope someone can help...
  3. NerdyKilljoy

    Character Customization Can you add the stockings texture to some clothing items?

    Hey, I have a very specific request that I am curious to know if it is possible. Can someone add or retexture clothing to have the nylon/stockings texture on it? I would like, if at all possible, to have the texture to be added to: - The holes of the Woman's Jeans 2 (the ripped jeans)...
  4. NerdyKilljoy

    Character Customization Could someone do a smooth version of the Branded stockings?

    Like no texture bar maybe a single seam at the top to give them more of an opaque nylon look. This is a part of a previous request I made and is the only part I have been told might be possible to do. I wanted to post this as a separate request so it can be seen and potentially work on rather...
  5. NerdyKilljoy

    Character Customization Take the circle crotch piece out of the yoga pants please

    This might be nit-picky but that odd crotch piece never made sense to me and I would very much like it is it could remove the seam and make it look more like normal yoga pants please. Hope someone can help. Thanks for your time. NerdyKilljoy
  6. NerdyKilljoy

    Character Customization Make stockings into pantyhose/tights for Saints Row 2?

    Hey, I was wondering if there is anyone that could do any of the following things please: - Make the Impressions stockings into sheer pantyhose/tights - Make the Branded stockings into opaque pantyhose/tights - Keep the option of sheer or fishnet for the impressions version - Make the Branded...