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  1. NerdyKilljoy

    Saints row II is so good game, but...

    No, I mean the entire game is now bugged out and has been for a while now. I should have said something sooner to someone but with my recent-ish purchase and play sessions of the more stable PC version, I haven't really thought about it as much. I have had like 8 or 9 years at least of playing...
  2. NerdyKilljoy

    Saints row II is so good game, but...

    The Xbox version for me is more laggy and buggy than the unpatched version of the PC port. I would go as far as to say that it is almost unplayable at this point. I need someone to bring out a patch for the Xbox version as well as the PC version. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling...
  3. NerdyKilljoy

    Hotdog for sale

    Good pun and it was really weird that it happened with us. I'm glad this thread has come up with some minor answers if they are not 100% what we hoped for. I think we need to have a conversation about how much we want the hotdog next time we play together. Haha I guess for now, I am just happy...
  4. NerdyKilljoy

    Better Fishnets

    This is Singa or any other potential people who know how to mod the stockings: If I may inquire as to how you edited the texture for the stockings lol. I would appreciate your guidance as I have a potential mod idea I would like to try to make work but I have had no luck as of yet but I believe...
  5. NerdyKilljoy

    SR2 | Share your character pictures

    That really does look like John Wick and the filter makes it look a little like a telltale game or a borderlands game lol I love it
  6. NerdyKilljoy

    Playing Saints Row 2 full screen with GOTR???

    I've not been able to do it before. It would crash whenever I tried to. Weird that it hasn't been the same for everyone. It seems super stable too which is shocking to me. Guess it must be a mod that was causing it to freak out. Thanks for your response though.
  7. NerdyKilljoy

    Playing Saints Row 2 full screen with GOTR???

    I have been told many many time that I can't play SR2 modded on full screen and have actually had a lot of crashes before finding out that it doesn't work. Well I am currently playing the game fully modded full screen. I would love to know if anyone else has managed this weird feat. I am shocked...
  8. NerdyKilljoy

    Many More Clothing Colors

    Nice, your character looks bad ass as hell. I will send you mine later via DM lol
  9. NerdyKilljoy

    Many More Clothing Colors

    Lol I'm like that with the greens in the game. There is a massive selection of colours which I use one of the greens from this mod for my characters eyes and am yet to change them. This is a must have mod for my play sessions too.
  10. NerdyKilljoy

    Even More Skin Colors

    This is another must have mod for me. I have this equipped for every play session too.
  11. NerdyKilljoy

    Even More Hair Colors

    This is a must have mod for me. I have it equipped for every play session.
  12. NerdyKilljoy

    Better Fishnets

    100% agree. I'm actually looking into expanding on this mod myself but I don't have the amazing skills of Singa yet so it's still a pipe dream at the moment.
  13. NerdyKilljoy

    Ski Mask Replacers

    Couldn't agree more
  14. NerdyKilljoy

    Saints Row: My Universe

    Sounds like an interesting idea. I'm on board with it.
  15. NerdyKilljoy

    Hello everyone

    Why did scaryred24 get banned?
  16. NerdyKilljoy

    Interested in learning how to mod

    Hey there, I am here to learn how to mod SR2 in 2021. I want to know what the best tools are and as simple as can be description how to use them. I'd appreciate all the help and information I can get. My goal is to hopefully focus on clothing mods and graphics mods. Hope someone can help...
  17. NerdyKilljoy

    Character Customization Can you add the stockings texture to some clothing items?

    Okay, I'll leave you to it then. Thank you so so much. (Edit: I am sorry but I added two items to the list)
  18. NerdyKilljoy

    Character Customization Can you add the stockings texture to some clothing items?

    Oh, that's a lot clearer and it makes a little sense. I would imagine some of the items aren't perfectly labelled like what they are in the game. I just use the names of the items as they are labelled in the game. I am glad to hear that you are willing to keep trying. I look forward to seeing...